Interesting Facts Of The Hamster That You Should Know

Hamsters have lots of interesting facts that you should know. What are the interesting facts of the hamster that you should know? Please read these following carefully. There are 10 interesting facts about the hamster that you should know that so adorable.

1. Hamster’s body

The body of hamster is small. But not all of the hamster is small. The fact is some hamster can be in 13 inches long. With this body, a hamster is known as the best borrowers. It can dig the hole about one meter deep and the hamster can build several rooms for their need. Such as room for storage the foods, for sleeping, for pups, and others. They always do this under their home.

2. Loves to store their foods

Absolutely hamster is the best keeper, they love to store their food under their house and sometimes hide it under the toys building. However, the hamster usually stores their food in their cheeks. While he is storing the food in his cheeks, his cheeks will be stretch until 3 times of his head size. Besides, this action is also carried by the mother hamster when she feels afraid of danger. She keeps her newborn baby hamster into her cheeks.

3. Hamsters eat anything

Other interesting facts that you should know, hamsters are omnivores. They eat anything, vegetables, meat, grains, insects, grasses and many types of seeds. They eat anything,  but you should aware of some of the food that forbidden to give to your hamsters. You do not allow to give any food that has a strong smell and so much flavor; garlic, shallot, human snacks, and even chocolates.

4. Easy to pet

The hamster is easier to take care than other pets like cow, rabbit, or chicken. These pets need a big cage and more treatment than a hamster. That is the reason why you should choose a hamster as your pet.  You just need a medium cage for him, some toys, hamster bedding and also the foods and the fresh water. When you choose a hamster as a pet you don’t have to bother to accompany him all the time. Hamster is an independent pet. Just let them play with their colony.

5. Loves clean as always

Hamster has a high of sensitivity if the cage is dirty, they will sick. As the good owner, you should clean the cage at least once a week. This treatment to avoid them from any disease, such as wet tails, respiratory problems, stressed, and even death. Besides, hamster always keeps its body clean too by bathing. To bathing them properly, you could see it on how to bath your hamster easily and properly. In this, you could see any case that might happen to your hamster and your hamster need to bathing.

6. Need lots of exercises

Hamsters are like to storing, keep their food in his cheeks and also loves to eat. However, being a fat is terrible for a hamster. If your hamster is too fat, it might be your hamster is obesity. If your hamster obesity, he cannot run like another hamster. He can walk, but it is very slow and he always tired (quick). That is why the hamster and the mother hamster need a lot of exercises to keep their own health. Do not worry if your hamster has obesity, you can treat your love hamster with simple home remedies to your hamster.

7. Journey of life

Hamster has a short life. Their journey of life starts in one until 6 days old after the birth. While the newborn baby comes, they look like a pink baby, no fur, blind, and it is so weak. Within a week their body turns into dark color and the next week they have fur like the mother. In this phase, they learn to see, smell, and eat the solid foods as their mother did. Only at least 2 months old the newborn hamster turns into a young hamster and they are ready to mate, it is so wonderful. Hamster only survives at least than 4 years.

8. Their teeth never stop growing

Next the other interesting facts of the hamster that you should know, their teeth never stop growing over their life. It is the unique things of the hamster. That is why hamster likes to eats, it is to maintain their teeth into a proportional shape. A chew toy is the best treatment for your teeth hamster. It can avoid your hamster teeth are not overgrowth. You can pick one of the best chew toys on these the 10 chew toys for a hamster to play outside the cage.

9. Mother hamster

Hamster is the shortest in the mammalian class. They can birthing and have many newborn babies hamster at the one time. In fact, mother hamster can delay birth in nine days. The other facts, the mother hamster after giving birth, they can pregnant again on the same day. So, hamsters are great at reproducing, is it right? Besides, not all of the hamster species have lots of babies, such as Syrian hamster. It only has 4 to 6 the newborn of the babies hamster.

10. Their bad eyesight

The last interesting facts of the hamster you should know, the hamster has a very bad eyesight. They have nearsighted and colorblind, that is why they always use their sense of smell to navigate. Besides they have bad eyesight, they are very good in sense of smell. They can smell the good things well and the worse smell better than other pets. The hamster knows when they are in a safe condition or in the dangerous situation. That is why hamster has high of sensitivity. Hamsters can only rely on their sense of smell because their eyesight is very bad.

Hopefully, above of interesting facts of the hamster that you should know can be mean and useful for you. The hamsters are humanity pet, they are so humble, easy to take care and they are so adorable. Choose a hamster as a pet is like taking care a little cute baby, So, want you to take this little one to take care?