How to Tell That Your Rabbit’s Pee and Poop Normal?

Now you have set everything on the track, right? You get your pet at home now. During your excitement of having new feline feather bunny friends, it is good to keep an eye for any aspect that might come along with their new journey in your house. Anyway, have you named them? Yes of course I am asking your rabbit’s’ name. Who is it? Do not give them mine, get it dude.

At this moment, I like to review deeper about how to tell that your rabbit’s pee and poop normal or is there any other sign that need to put attention ? Let’s start from the pee, and then move to the poop. Let’s become an expert all together.

Rabbit’s pee

Normal pee:

Rabbit’s pee is determined as normal if the urine just looks like human’s pee. It is between white and light yellow. It is clear yellowish green. This pee is odorless.

Sign of rabbit’s urine color need to be aware of:

  • Rabbit’s urine looks thick white

It is probably means that the intake of protein and nutrition is less that it should. To prevent this happen you need to take notice to add more protein contains food in daily basis.

  • Rabbit’s urine looks too white clear

It is probably means that your rabbit eat too much vegetables and liquid-fiber contains food. It is good for sure but too much will produce something not right. You better observe the schedule of this food intake so that you can adjust the time. Vegetables and food contain huge amount of water will be absorbed better if eaten at the day time while hot sunrise on the peak.

  • Rabbit’s urine looks too yellowish

This is opponent from the pee that is too white clear above. It means your rabbit eat too less vegetables. To deal with it you have to combine the food which include fiber, liquid, green leaf and protein in daily basis.

Rabbit’s poop

Normal poop

  • Rabbit’s poop deemed normal if the texture of it looks round, dry and odorless. The color of it brown and a bit dark.  If you find your bunny’s poop like this, it means you do well in treating them. Good job!
  • Rabbit’s poop looks like a dark brown mulberry, tightly bunch of grape. This type of stool called cecotrope. Rabbits used to eat this stool after they drop it down. Actually for this one there is another detail then about it. Cecotrope is produced in cecum. Cecum is pouch in digestive system that contains a lot of microbe which is good. A lot of nutrient inside the cecotrope. Rabbits have the natural instinct to eat this back since they aware of this will influence they healthiness. Cecoterope can prevent the bad pathogen and help to strengthen the body immunity to the germs. That is the explanation why rabbit re-ingest that pellet. Rabbits can drop this feces several times a day. But usually they do it at night time. So that is why cecotrope used to be called night dropping.

Sign of rabbit’s poop need to be aware of:

  • Watery stool

Just like human while unwell. This watery stool in rabbits refers that something not right with your bunny. This type of feces is watery and runny liquid that passing through the anus and sticky to it. Produce highly unpleasant smell and sting, mostly sticky to the back end of your bunny. Commonly refer to diarrhea. Rabbits will be non –active as usual. Loosing appetite, do not want to eat. Bunny will be very lethargic and pitcher. If this happen to baby bunny, condition will be more critical rather than to the adult one. Most of cases evidence this is a sudden death for baby rabbits. It will not take long to end baby lives. Less than the matter of hours. Once you find this happen, go rush take your rabbit to the veterinarian to get proper medical intervention. You better prepare the fresh sample of fecal dropping so the specialist will determine quickly what exactly the underlying problem to handle this emergency situation.

  • Feces are small round, dry, dark and harder than normal

Once you find this type of stool, you need to pay attention of problem in your bunny’s abdomen. This give sign of your rabbit is having constipation. You have to concern about the diet program. Do not forget to add some fiber contains food. Give more vegetables such as carrot, kale and other leaf green. If your rabbits are less of crude fiber its digestive system will show warning sign of constipation. Later on this will lead to the worse illness. Bunny will be shown weak and passive. Loosing appetite and not wanting to eat at all. He does not agile and jump around as always. His belly is hard, flatulent and big. Amount of feces cannot pass through the intestine smoothly. Adding more water to drink is as good as it will help soften the food product inside the stomach. Some people find that gentle massaging is useful if you do correctly to help provide comfort.

In many cases found that problems related to the stomach is produced by improper formatting dietary program. Bunny lover used to think that giving solely fresh grass will be more than enough. However if you have decided to have rabbits at home you need to be more precise about balancing food that your bunny need.

In natural rabbit’s staple food is hay. Hay is a dry grass which is contains of almost nutrient ingredients that fulfill the rabbits need every day to  maintain healthiness and burst up the development and growth. For additional nutrient you may consider giving them a rabbit food product which are available on the pet store. The pet shop keeper will give you in details about kind of rabbit food if you ask. If luckily they will explain what kind of food to help fatten bunny. While other type which particularly designed to help dental health.

Feeding rabbits are kind of challenging as well as entertaining too. This article regarding how to tell your rabbit’s pee and poop normal or not good is created to persuade bunny lover to explore more and raise the curiosity to enhance the healthiness of the bunny itself. Healthy rabbit will looks so agile and cheer up all the time. On the other side ill bunny will be shown in pain and suffering. Besides the biological problem, sometime emotional issues become the underlying source of stomach problem. This cause will produce the abnormal feces as well as mention above. One more thing to be pointed out here if you see one of stool condition that is unusual it is better to examine your rabbit to the right pet veterinarian for sure. Sometimes the issue that we might think trivial even can produce something worst that we never want to expect at all. Preventive is much better than cure.