What is Animal Culture? Get to know about it here

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As for today, what we are going to discuss about is animal culture. Did you know that around the world there are countless of animal culture? From all around the world, animal always take an important roles in human lives, be it as food sources, companion and even in one religion and culture, animal always take good and very important roles in many aspect. One of the thing you should know about animal culture is, that some animal have their own cultural learning through behavioural, and social interactions with their own species. It might sounds weird and impossible, but there are some prove and evidence that some of non human animal species have adapted, interact and develop their own animal culture. So therefore there are existence of some sort of culture between each species. If you want to take a look closely one animal culture, let us learn more about it here in What is Animal Culture? Get to know about it here

Get to know more everyday, What is Animal Culture and What are the examples?

So first of all, what is culture? In human culture, culture means some behavioural norms that exist in a certain kinds of social structure and certain social group. Culture varies differently from each region, race and religion. However, there are differences between human and non-human animal culture. Of course animal culture is different than human ones.

Animal culture is behavioural patterns that grow in every different species, and different groups of animal. Every species have their own culture, that distinct each other. One species of animal could have pretty different animal culture than other animals.

So, what are the examples of animal cultures? There are many examples of animal culture, as culture can be defined by many things from behavioural patterns, reproduction patterns and even feeding habits could be defined as animal culture in animal kingdoms. Bellow here are some examples of animal culture that could be easily identified and you can meet them on your daily life.

  • Fish Culture

You might think that fish isn’t the smartest animals, and it is actually correct as they’re not considered to be smartest species. However, if you look at it closely, fish is actually got their culture or behavioural patterns. As for example, we can see in Salmon. Salmon have pretty unique reproduction cycle, as baby salmon hatch in upstream river, then when they grow up salmon will go downstream until they reach sea shore, and they will spend their lives in sea. Once Salmon reach breeding age, they will swim up to the upstream, to their breeding grounds. Salmon will swim upwards the river, swimming against the current and it isn’t easy task. Have you ever wonder why Salmon do this? Why Salmon don’t just lay their eggs in sea? Why they return to the upstream just to lay egg, and after its the adult salmon will die? And most importantly, how they memorize their migration pattern, and they way to the upstream? This unique migration behaviour and reproduction cycle of Salmon can be considered as animal culture.

  • Bird Culture

Have you ever wondered how bird from different countries and region sounds like? Is their sounds will be different from bird in our countries? Even if they comes from different species? The answer is yes; actually bird develops their own unique animal culture similar to human dialect. The first person who recognized this special trait of bird is Zoologist named Peter Marler. He conducted experiment on several songbirds like starlings, sparrows and cowbirds from various regions and area. Then he moved each of birds to different locations and regions to find out that certain birds from certain regions have their own unique sound, songs, and dialects. It is interesting animal culture that actually similar to human vocal system.

  • Ruminant animals culture

Ruminant animals like sheep, cows and goat also have their own culture. Maybe it isn’t as flashy as other animals, but they have their own behavioural patterns that they use in order to live their live, or to survive. Ruminant animals have the habits of flocking. This flocking habit comes from adaptation and for their own survival. Ruminant animals are prey animals, which means they are prey to predatory animals like wolf and coyote. In order for them to survive, they need to grow up in flocks, always together, protecting each other, and make sure that their group is safe and sound. This flocking is similar for many other ruminant animals, like cows, sheep, goats or even other herbivore like zebra, gazelle, elephant and many more. This form of animal culture developed from their adaptation to survive in this harsh world.

Some animal cultures are developed from the simple habits of feeding, to adaptation for survival and complex reproduction cycle. There are still many more animal culture in this world, and each species of animals have their own unique culture. This culture are there in order to protect animals, and some of them are even unique traits of that animals. So, did we answer on the question of What is Animal Culture? Get to know about it here. If yes, please leave a like, comments and your opinion about this animal culture.