5 Easy Tips to Calm Down A Female Dog in Heat

We are surely knows that female dog can also in heat, right? As explaining before in how to care of female dog in heat, we can conclude that heat period is naturally thing in all life creatures.  Heat of female dog is takes for a long time and causes some unusual habitual by her hormone moved. So let’s jump into 5 easy tips to calm down a female dog in heat.

When a female dog is in heat?

Heat period is usually calls as estrus period. This cycle will be happen if your female dog is 6 – 24 months old, or depend of its race. The small race dog is estrus on 5 months, faster than usual. But big race dog is slower usually will estrus on one year old. Even some races of dog don’t feel its first estrus till 18-24 months old. Depend of estrus-count, dog will on their estrus period twice per year. One of heat period happened for 6-7 months.

Why female dog has to be calmed down when in heat?

As we know that heat period is cause by hormone moving. Heat period is relatedly with hormonal thing. Hormonal thing is unseen thing which is in inside her body, and we can’t control it. The thing that we can control is only their behavior. That because that thing which can observe easily. Your female dog is like moody and don’t want to eat, biting suddenly, or too much voicing. If we can’t control it, her behavior probably will ruin us. All that behaviors are cause by hormonal movement. The hormonal progression makes your female dog doing weirdly. So we can’t control her hormonal movement, but we can control her weird behavior with cut-back method or changing method to calm her down.

What we can do to calm down a female dog in heat?

Well, all habitations that showed by your female dog when in heat is different each other. Here are some tips to calm down a female dog in heat:

  • If your female dog is barking out loud, invite your female dog to plays with you

You can’t control of your female dog to barking. That’s her natural behavior and the mark of her special identity. But when it too out loud, it surely ruin your day right? Can you imagine when you go to home from your school or office, you want to lie down and lose your eyes for a while and then suddenly your dog is barking like jerk, that really hurts your ear, right? So to change it, take her attention to play with you. Give her small kind of games like running inside your home or just peek a boo with her. You can take her for accompany you to evening or morning jogging, but still you have to stay careful when takes your female dog outside. The male dog is hunting her a lot so it is important thing to do double safety for your dog. It maybe not significantly work, but you have to try it in order to control her barking. You also can ‘sshhh’ to your female dog when she is barking.

  • Bathing your female dog with warm water

When your female dog is in heat, her hormones movement will drag her to stress. You can reduce her stress by bathing her on warm water. Warm water helps to make out of stress. So to decreasing the stress level, you can try to bathing her on warm water.

  • Don’t let your female dog sleep on day

Well it is like hard punishment for her and that’s to cruel for your pet. But don’t get wrong with this tip. Moreover if your female dog is barking on the night, keep on her every day will help her feel tired and slept easily in the night. You can stay to play with her when she suddenly sleepy. If you don’t have time to invite her to play with you, you can just lifting her and keep her stay on. You also can shake her body to make her stay awake.

  • Touch her commonly to decrease her stress

Who don’t like to be touched? Who can deny a soft touched too? Well people are so love to be touched, so does your female dog. Touch her regularly as much as you can to decrease her stress. Her stress is just makes it all worst, so your love is so much needed by your female dog.

  • Give her some drug to decrease her pain

Like people, your female dog is also feels pain before her heat period. When your female dog is in her period, she also still feels her pain too. So to heal her pain, you can give her some drugs. You can give it by yourself if you already know about the guideline, but if you aren’t you can bring your female dog into vet to injection.

Here is caution for you when you face your female dog:

  • Don’t punish her

Please, how much your female dog is biting or attack you, don’t smack her because her bad behavior. You shouldn’t harm over her because that’s naturally thing which is can’t control of your dog too. So don’t blame her overly. It may silence your dog but it is not make your dog reduce her stress by that punishment.

  • Give her attention regularly

Well when you met your female dog is in heat for the first time, you have to so much learn and of course give her attention regularly. Her moody will makes her more aggressive than before and when you don’t know her position is in heat period, you probably treat her worse. That will increase her stress and also feel unloved by you as owner. Who is again as her home that is not you? Please be aware of her position because her feeling is also suck too.

  • Don’t put her too much time on her cage

As like you, your female dog is also want to free. Just imagine it, when you on your period but your mom doesn’t give you time to hangout outside house when you want to hangout so much, what do you feel? You are really angry and moreover will argue your mum, right? So does your female dog. She wants to play outside cage, she wants to walk around your home, so please allowed her. Put her on cage is only increase her stress level.

As animal lover, we have to know about how to calm down a female dog in heat. It is important thing to treat your female dog well moreover when she is in heat. Heat period will be crucial time of your female dog during all of her life, so please don’t make a bad experience for her by abusing thing. Moreover if you are owner of this pet, the information above will help you a lot.