7 Ways To Understand Your Dog’s Wishes

Dog loves yummy treats. It loves nice chewing toys. Even more, dog loves spending time to play and goof around. There are so many things that dog wants to have and to do. The hurdle, since dog doesn’t speak human’s language, it’s hard for them to convey their wishes. Sometimes, we as the owner don’t understand what our dog actually wants. And that’s one of the challenge of having a dog. Here, we will discuss about 7 ways to understand your dog’s wishes. It’s not that hard, all you need to do is paying attention to every gestures your dog shows. That’s why you need to pay attention for these tips and tricks below! You’ll soon become an expert in making your dog’s wishes come true!

How many ways to understand your dog’s wishes?

Dog does speak to us, through barks and body languages. Each bark and movement sends different message, and it’s our duty to understand the meaning. By understanding your dog’s words will help you to keep your dog all happy and healthy. It’s definitely not an easy task to do. It’s a long and tiring process, and you need to be patient between the process. When you finally understand what your dog wants, you both will be able to live happily together as life companion. There are lots of ways to know your dog’s wishes, but we will discuss 7 of them here.

1. Walking style

No, this is not something like catwalk. Dog walk conveys so many different messages and different meanings. Dog walks in various patterns and styles. For example, dog shows that it’s getting alerted over something by walking straight. Otherwise, dog walks in zig-zag pattern when it’s getting happy or excited. If it’s walking around an object, it possibly your dog wants that thing. If your dog is walking over his food bowl several times, it might want some of its treats. If your dog walks into the front door of your house, it might want to go for a walk outside. Try to notice where your dog goes and how your dog walks.

2. Barking intensity

One of the voice that dog can let out is through barking. Just like walks, barks have various meanings. When your dog barks with loud voice violently, it could be your dog senses something identified as threat. That kind of bark is more like a warning for the threat and for its pack. But then there’s another bark that sound more friendly and usually the bark is not as often. The intensity of the bark is also not as heavy as the warning one. You can definitely note the difference. The happy and excited bark is lighter and sounds friendly. Just try to pay more attention to your dog’s bark and you’ll find the difference soon. If the barking irritates you, check on 3 Ways to Train Your Dog to be Quiet on Command.

3. Destructive behavior

Dog tends to chew on things its possessed on. For example, it will chew your shoes to give you a sign that the shoes is also belongs to the dog. Or it’s also sign that the dog wants attention from you. It can chew on many things, and you might want to protect some things that you consider valuable. You can find some way in 13 Simple Ways To Dog-Proof Your Home to make sure your property is all safe and secure. Make sure your dog don’t get too destructive over your stuffs. Since it could be dangerous for your dog and also an unpleasant thing for you.

4. Eye contact

Dog’s eyes talks a lot about its emotions. It tells you the most dominant feelings from the dog. Its eyes will glint in excitement and the pupils become bigger when it gets happy. Its eyes will become alerted and the white of its eyes will shown when the dog feels threatened. It’s very important to know the meaning of the eye contact, because dog tells you everything through its eyes. You can find out more about the meaning of its gaze in How To Tell That Your Dog Is Truly Sad. Try to learn and respond properly to each of its gaze. It will help you in understanding your dog’s wishes.

5. Communicate with the dog

Communication is very essential in understanding your dog’s wishes. Even though you don’t say dog language and your dog don’t speak yours, you still can talk with the dog. Tell your stories, what you did today at school or work. Convey your emotions to your dog. It might not understand everything you said, but at least your dog knows that you want to spend your time together. And for the dog, it feels happy because you spend your time with the dog. Even it’s just you talk and rant about your day or problems. The point is, talk and communicate with your dog. However, sometimes your dog refuses to hear your words. Read more about how to solve that problem in 10 Reasons That Your Dog Won`t Listen to You.

6. Play together

Who hates playing? Everyone loves to play, including the dog. It will chase everything that attracts the dog. Whether it’s insects, birds, or even your shoelaces. Playing is also a phase that you need to do with your dog to help both you and your dog. By playing, you can understand more about your dog and its needs. Your dog can also convey its needs better since the bond between both of you are getting stronger. You can find out more in How to Make a Dog Listen and Obey to You Outside to make playing session all fun and exciting.

7. Consult with the experts

The experts know everything dog needs, and talking to the experts is also a major help for both you and the dog. The experts can guide you to respond over the dog’s needs in a proper way. You can tell the gestures your dog making to the experts, and they will tell you what it means. They will also tell you how to respond to it in the right way. It’s one of the easiest ways to know your dog’s wishes. Maybe some of the gestures your dog showing can’t be understand by some experts, but at least the experts know some major gestures. It’s safer to consult your dog’s behavior with them to understand the meaning and respond to it better.

So that’s all about 7 ways to understand your dog’s wishes. It’s quite easy to do as long as you pay enough attention to your dog. Remember the key of this topic is pay attention to every single gestures and try to spend more time with your dog. This way, you can understand your dog better, and your dog can understand you better as well. Hope you’re able to be a good floof owner!