4 Ways Animals Communicate to Each Other

Have you ever wondered about some ways animals communicate with each other? Communication is an important thing not only for humans but also animals. Good communication makes a thing easier to get through. Such as humans, animals also have some ways animals communicate with each other. They could find so many benefits by making good […]

7 Amazing Animals that Camouflage Very Well

Camouflage is one of the behavioral adaptations animals do in order to survive in the wild. Camouflage is the technique animals use to mimic plants, ground cover or even other animals in order to hide or hunt. An animal which can camouflage very well may be able to hide from its predators or even from […]

Here are the Reasons Why Do Cats Love Catnip so Much

Cat is a playful pet that really enjoys playing either with toys and with its owner. Cat really know how to have fun! If you are wondering how to know that a cat wants to play with you, you can check signs of cats that wants to play If you see those signs, then you […]

8 Ways of How Dogs Try to Communicate with You

Have you ever tried to communicate with your pets, such as dogs or cats? Or have you ever realized that they do some things to try to communicate with you? Yeah, animals are also able to communicate with us, humans, but in different ways. Dog is known as one of the smartest and most loyal […]

Do the Animals Have Their Own Rhythm?

Music is a universal language. We all can enjoy music, even when it speaks on different languages from our mother tongue, through its sounds and rhythm. But, have you ever wonder; what about animals? Do they also understand music?  It all started with Charles Darwin. In 1837, Darwin fascinated with his first great ape imitated […]

Homosexual and Bisexual Between Animals; Is It Possible to Happen?

In 1868, Karl-Maria Kerbeny has first described the term of the homosexual as a same-sex sexual attraction and sexual behavior in humans. Nowadays, along with the rise of awareness about the rights of sexual orientation, the homosexual term has been widely known in our cultural society. There are a lot of studies and researches about […]

Wild Animals Banned in Circus; How’s Their Mental Health Condition

Have you ever seen the announcement of animal circus? Or, have you ever attended one of them? We all know, under the colorful spotlights, sparks, and confetti, animal circus looks extravagant. It is ecstatic to see elephants in colorful hat playing with balls, tigers jumping into ring fires, or dolphins that swim beautifully with human. […]

What is Animal Culture? Get to know about it here

Hello there, welcome to our lovely, small and always humble website that provides animal guidance, animal care, and every information and fun fact about animals. If you are animal lovers, want your animals to have better life, better nutrition, and want the best for your animals, then you might have come to the right place […]

All Facts and Fakes About Animal Behaviorist

On the previous article, we know that the study of animal behavior is important for us. Animal behaviorism is a scientific study that involves investigating what animals do, for examples, we study how they find food resources, how they defend themselves from predators, how they choose their mates, reproduce, until how they raise their young.  […]

Get to know Scope Study of Animal Behaviour Here

Do you know that your cat can have emotion? Cats can give you sign when they cry with yowling and watery eyes! In fact, it is not only a cat who can experience an emotion such as fear, rage, or lust. Every animal can do. They also react to their surrounding, just like they are […]