The 10 Friendliest Animals to Human You Might Want to Bring Home

Humans are social creatures, who love making friends with anyone, including animals. Unfortunately, not all animals are friendly to humans, as they might probably attack and kill humans. However, there are some other animals that are really nice to humans, they can even be our friends. You might think that animals are cruel, wild and […]

Meet these 22 Animals that are Made as Countries’ Symbols

Every country has its own symbol that represents its characteristics and its philosophy. Countries’ symbols can be any objects or even animals. Some animals are used as countries’ symbols as they think that their countries have similar characteristics with the animals they choose. For instance, bald eagle is used as the United States’ symbol as […]

Can Cat Fleas Bite Humans? – A Brief Explanation

Cat fleas might have been serious issues for some cat owners. Despite its small size, cat flea is not something you can take easily. Cat flea is one of the blood sucking animals that give you horror. Not only horror for your cats, but it can be harmful for you, too as it might suck […]

Top 8 Animals that Practice Cannibalism You’ve Never Thought Before

Eating friends for dinner? Wow, that sounds really scary! However, for some animals, it is a common thing to eat their “friends”. That’s what we call cannibalism. Cannibalism is defined simply as the practice of eating another animal from the same species. Some of you may think that cannibalism is only done by carnivorous animals […]

Top 8 Smallest Animals in the World You Never Know!

It is always interesting to talk and discuss about animals. Animal has been one of the unique and interesting living things to be explored. Animals come in different sizes, ranging from huge animals to small animals or even tiny animals. By its size, animals are formed to have different features that enable them to survive […]