Meet these 22 Animals that are Made as Countries’ Symbols

Every country has its own symbol that represents its characteristics and its philosophy. Countries’ symbols can be any objects or even animals. Some animals are used as countries’ symbols as they think that their countries have similar characteristics with the animals they choose.

For instance, bald eagle is used as the United States’ symbol as it represents freedom and strength, just like eagle which likes to fly free and very strong.

You can also see the list of the countries that use animals for their symbols.

Here are the 22 animals that become the countries’ symbols and what makes them similar. Check them out!

  • Lion

Who does not know lion’s characteristic? Lion is known as the king of the forest as it is fierce and strong. Lion is used as many countries’ symbols, such as Bulgaria, Libya, Liberia, Morocco, Singapore, Sri Lanka and some other countries.

  • Bald Eagle

Chosen as some countries’ symbol, such as USA, bald eagle is used as country’s symbol as it represents strength and freedom. Bald eagle is believed to be the hope for the USA for having long life, great strength and majestic looks.

This bald eagle is chosen by the Founding Fathers of the USA on June 20, 1782. It is also believed that this bald eagle only exist on this continent.

Do you know that eagle is one of the 8 monogamous animals? It only has one partner for the whole life! Eagle is so loyal, isn’t it?

  • Beaver

This animal is Canada’s official symbol. It was officially given a status as Canadian symbol in 2002. It is chosen as the country’s symbol as in the past when the main profit for the country was the beaver population.

In the late 1600s to 1700s, the fashion at that time demanded fur hats that mainly used beaver pelts. Then, starting from that time, the demand for beaver pelts inclined.

Beaver likes to build dams. Check reasons why beavers build dams. The reasons are interesting.

  • Giant Panda

This animal is native to China, and it is also a symbol of China. China might have some animals that represent it, such as dragon or giant panda itself. In China, giant panda reflects the gentle, uniqueness and ancient culture of the country.

Moreover, giant panda’s appearance is also similar to babies. Who doesn’t love giant pandas? They have fat cheeks, short and flat nose and big eyes. They are so cute!

  • Crocodile

Timor-Leste is the country that has crocodile as its country symbol. As we know crocodile is a sacred animal. According to its myth, there was a crocodile, Lafaek Diak, which sacrificed itself for saving a boy.

Then, they had a friendship became the boy’s home. The boy’s home is Timor island. Uniquely, the bump on the crocodile’s back became a mountain.

You might think that crocodile and alligator are the same, but they are not! Look at the differences between crocodiles and alligators. Besides also read about the endangered species of crocodiles that almost extinct.

  • Elephant

Elephant has become the country symbol of Thailand and India. In Thailand, elephant becomes the symbol as it has contributed a lot to the country.

Elephants have contributed to royal parade and war that led them into Thailand’s national symbol. Similar to Thailand, people in India also believe that elephant is a reincarnation of Lord Ganesha, who is able to remove obstacles and provide luck and fortune.

Interestingly, in ancient times, elephants were kept as pets and regarded as family member.

Do you know that there are two types of elephants: Asian and African? Read the differences between African and Asian elephant to get to know how they are different.

  • Garlic Rooster

Garlic rooster is a symbol of France. It was widely used as religious symbol in the Middle Age. Moreover, garlic rooster is also a symbol of faith and hope.

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Other animals used as country symbols

Here are the other animals and the countries they represent.

  1. Fennex fox – Algeria
  2. Marco Polo sheep – Afghanistan
  3. Kangaroo – Australia
  4. Puma – Argentina
  5. Jaguar – Brazil
  6. Llama – Bolivia
  7. Moose – New Zealand
  8. Oryx – Jordan
  9. Pheasant and Koi – Japan
  10. Springbok Antelope – South Africa
  11. Korean Tiger – South Korea
  12. Baird’s Tapir – Central America
  13. Dugong – Papua New Guinea
  14. Okapi – Democratic Republic of Congo
  15. Arabian Oryx – United Arab Emirate

As you see, there are lots of animals species that are used as country’s symbols. Are they amazing? Symbol is not always abstract, it can be taken from any thing, including animals.

By having animals as their country’s symbol, they have a hope and faith that the good characteristics of the animals will represent the good quality of their country too.