The 10 Friendliest Animals to Human You Might Want to Bring Home

Humans are social creatures, who love making friends with anyone, including animals. Unfortunately, not all animals are friendly to humans, as they might probably attack and kill humans. However, there are some other animals that are really nice to humans, they can even be our friends.

You might think that animals are cruel, wild and terrifying. Some wild animals might be, but some others are really friendly. They are even friendlier than humans themselves. Let’s check the 10 friendliest animals you might want to bring home.

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  • Dog

Who doesn’t think that dog is friendly? It is one of the friendliest animal in the world. Dogs are known as loyal creatures which are really faithful to their owner.

They are considered friendly to humans as they are able to understand human emotions better than other animals. Besides, dogs can be trained and they are smart, too! After being trained, they can help humans in innumerable ways.

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  • Dolphins

This smart animal is also known as one of the friendliest animal in the world and you might want to take it home. Dolphins’ social skill and friendly behavior make them famous. Surprisingly, they are almost harmless.

  • Capybara

Capybara is considered as the first of the 10 friendliest animals you might want to bring home. Despite its size that is quite intimidating, capybara is really friendly to humans.

This animal is native to South America. This animal feeds on grass and consumes lots of water all the time. Capybara is a semi-aquatic animal that has excellent skill in swimming.

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  • Cat

This cute animal is known as a care-free, mischievous and playful. Cat is also a pet that can be very friendly to humans, even to kids. Cat is also intelligent.

However, if you are not careful with it, for example making them scared, you might get some scratch. Otherwise, cat will love you so much if you do the same as what it does.

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  • Panda

Panda is very cute, isn’t it? The animal that is made as a main character in a cartoon movie “Kungfu Panda” is also one of the friendliest animals in the world.

Besides being cute, panda is also friendly and fun-loving. Giant pandas are mostly found in Central China especially in the mountainous area. They feed n bamboos though they are carnivorous. Do you know that giant pandas can weigh up to 300 pounds? Panda

  • Rabbit

Who doesn’t love this carrot-eating creature? Rabbits might be mischievous but they are really cute and friendly to humans. You know, they love carrots so much as they are herbivores or plant eaters.

They are not only friendly, but they really need a lot of your attention and time to play with you. You might be wondering why rabbits are so cute. Read the scientific facts about why rabbits are created as the cutest animals.

  • Sheep

Shaun the sheep is really cute, right? Sheep is one of the friendliest animals in the world as it is a really good human companion. Sheep can live up to 12 years old. They are really beneficial to humans, as they are kept as livestock and domesticated for agricultural matters.

  • Horse

Horse might be the animal that is really beneficial for humans due to its friendly characteristics to humans. They are also loyal, social and have similar emotions to humans.

However, similar to cats, if you put them in a threat, they might kick you and it might lead to serious injury. Do you know? There is an interesting thing about horse. In a group, there is always one of them staying awake at any time. So, the whole members of the group never sleep at the same time.

  • Guinea pig

Guinea pig is not a pig as its name. It belongs to rodent family. Guinea pigs are known as friendly creatures. However, they really need a lot of attention and love. They are herbivores. They can live up to 4 years old.

  • Swan

Swans are symbols of love, unity and loyalty. Do you know that they will never leave their partner? They are very loyal to their partner and stay devoted.

They live both on water and land. You might think that swan is very aggressive, but it is only when they are protecting their cygnets.

So, those are the 10 friendliest animals you might want to bring home. Do you have other animals that are friendlier that they are?