5 Problems You’ll Face During Cat Toilet Training

For a cat passed poop and pee in litter box needs a process. All the process is called as toilet training. During toilet training, all you need is not only cat litter box but also how your requirement to make your cat obey. You need to consistent practice this training. As we know poop and […]

4 Worst Spots For Your Cat’s Litter Boxes

Did you know that place cat’s litter can’t be doing randomly? Beside cleanliness thing, why cat owner has to consider about spots to place cat’s litter is also considering about how can the cat can reach it. Cat’s litter is like place which they can use for poop and pee. This cat litter actually has […]

5 Easy Ways To Stop Cats From Lying In The Litter Box

Have a cat as your pet is one of the best thing for a happy and warm situation in your house. This is because cat knows how to entertain people, and they can give the warm feeling for you. But sometimes, they might show some strange thing to us as the owner. One of the […]

3 Ultimate Tips to Eliminate Bad Smell of Cat Urine

*Meow Hello there fellow cat lovers!. How are you and your cat doing? Hope you guys will always be happy and healthy. Cat needs you and you need cat. We both in truth need each others. As cat requires our love and passion to stay healthy, alive, and comfortable, while you need cat to make […]