3 Ultimate Tips to Eliminate Bad Smell of Cat Urine


Hello there fellow cat lovers!. How are you and your cat doing? Hope you guys will always be happy and healthy. Cat needs you and you need cat. We both in truth need each others. As cat requires our love and passion to stay healthy, alive, and comfortable, while you need cat to make sure you can end your gloomy day quickly by petting your cat or feeding her. Great symbiosis right?. Thank God for creating such adorable creature.

Cat sometimes could comes into your house univinted, some people would prefer to ignore them and some would prefer to welcome them. As our house has been honored to be a host for those cats who are seeking for food and shelter. They are domestic clearly, but still they are adorable just like any other cats. This is how writer adopt Memeng’s mother, she stopped by writer’s house and writer decided to call her in, petting her, and feeding her. The results are so great and so joyful, as Memeng’s mother become affected to writer and writer’s house. Hence, she sheltered herself around the yard. Not only that, she love to give birth around the house, from there Memeng was born and it was a kitten that will cheer up writer’s day everyday without any doubt but only with cuteness and love from the cat.

Well, not only cat sometimes comes into your house univinted, but sometimes your cat will pee into your house uninvited. This means that, your cat might also peed on your car, bike, sofa, even your own bed. An you will not notice anything until the urine is dried enough, starting to decompose, and then a foul odor will invade every corner of your house. That is indeed annoying, we want cat to be here to help us relieve our stress, but sometimes some of us could not prepare for the worst of having a cat, and one of them is the cat take their pee everywhere around the house.

You know that, peeing is like conquering for a cat. If your cat start peeing all over your house then she is trying to make sure that this house is her territory and as a warning for any other cat that dares to come into the house. She will attack anyone who shall displease her especially another cat. Yeah, that is cool way for cat to mark their territory. Very cool for them but not for us actually, not only the smell will invade but the bacteria that comes from the urine will invade our house too. Which is why, animallova would give you the ultimate solutions on how to completely eliminate bad smell of cat urine forever and ever. So check it out!

First Move : Eradicate All Urine as Much as Possible

As soon as you know that your cat has peed on any place at your house, then don’t take too long, act quickly. Try to remove all of that urine using rug. Rub all on it until all of it absorbed. If your cat has peed on carpet then try to grab a paper towel as soon as possible in order to make sure that your carpet has a greater chance of survival of foul odor, then wash them as soon as possible. If your cat has peed on a clothes, there is no other way but to wash them as soon as possible and dry them all out.

Remember, as soon as you know that your cat has peed on something, clean it up quickly, don’t wait or you will regret it as probably your favorite clothes will suffer from foul smell of cat urine for a long time. Yeah, cat urine smell could last for a long time, a very, very long time.

Second Move : Enzymatic Cleaner

If you want to truly kill every chance that the foul odor would still survive and haunt your house with it’s odor, then you must buy an enzymatic cleaner for the urine. As enzymatic cleaner would literally eat every single bacteria in the urine and eat every single drops of the urine.

Not only that enzymatic cleaner will eradicate the urine, but also it will help you to prevent your cat to ever pee outside of her litter box ever again. As you know, cat’s urine sometimes is odorless, which is difficult to identify if your cat has returned to pee outside of litter box again. Enzymatic Cleaner has the agents to make sure your cat will never pee outside of her litter box ever again, guaranteed.

Last Resort : Baking Soda

If your cat’s urine has starting to smell and invading every corner of your house, then it is the time for you to eliminate it once and for all with the power of baking soda. But first, you must prepare this ingredients :

  • 1 cup crushed, dried herbs (rosemary, southernwood, lavender, etc.)
  • 1 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda

Then sprinkle all of the ingredients on the pee site (especially carpet) let them sink and do the job for at least  20 minutes. After you could sense the odor has starting to an end, then it is time to finish this using vacuum cleaner. However, don’t use a steam cleaner though, as steam cleaner will make the odor spread out even worse.

Well that is all, the 3 ultimate tips to eliminate bad smell of cat urine. Surely one day this tips will come in handy especially for you a fellow cat lover. However, it is recommended for you to also read about how to train your cat to pee on her litter box before reading this tips though. As a wise man said “Prevention is better than treatment.” Also, don’t ever punish your cat just because she peed carelessly, she is just a cat and if you ever punish a cat, everything will never be fun again with you and the cat. Just remember, love cat always and good luck!.

*Meow away