5 Problems You’ll Face During Cat Toilet Training

For a cat passed poop and pee in litter box needs a process. All the process is called as toilet training. During toilet training, all you need is not only cat litter box but also how your requirement to make your cat obey. You need to consistent practice this training.

As we know poop and pee of animal can also cause some disease. Even thought your cat is healthy enough and you can guarantee it because of fancy vet treatment or pretty expensive food, something that call pee and poop is residual substances which is contained bacteria. You do know that that is not good for health.

Did you know that do toilet training is also equalize between cat litter box and the cat’s age? Cat’s litter box for kitten is pretty different with adult cat. It is not only about the size but also about the base that you used inside the box. And about the place, it is pretty similar both of kitten and adult cat as long as not on the wrong spots.

Do toilet training is never easy especially for you who still beginner in pet a cat. To caution you about how hard it is, here are some problems that you faced when you do cat’s toilet training.

  • Stay poop and pee carelessly

This is the mainstream problem that usually met during cat toilet training. The cat may poop and pee in the first but next time, he couldn’t do that anymore. Well, this may cause of some problem. They may didn’t suit with the base which is too strongly smelled both smell of their own poop and pee or the smell of chemical material that contained inside the base.

  • Cat laying in the litter box

This problem usually happened in covered litter box. Cat usually wrong guess which one is their cage and which one is their toilet. When the cat laying in their litter box all bacteria will stick in their hair and you know what, the bacteria will cause disease. Cat likes to licking their body and it is not impossible that disease which cause by bacteria will be transmitted, right?

  • Covered or opened litter box

This point will you know when you pet two or more cats in you home. You will find that cat A may likes to poop or pee in covered litter box but another cat may not. There is cat that preferable with covered litter box but also not. That’s purely about preferable.

  • Larger litter box is preferable? Not always!

As mentioned before between size and cat’s age should be equal. Kitten should be used for smaller litter box in order to make them easier to reach it. But, is it always adult cat surely love big litter box? The answer is not always! Over large litter box automatically spends much space. You better equal it the size of litter box with the size of cat’s body. This is mean to make the space more practical. The point is how your cat can poop and pee well, not make competition which one is the biggest cat litter.

  • Spot that we feel so suit doesn’t always same with the cat

We may follow suggestable spot place from internet, but did you know that in the fact that not always written in the internet can practiced in the real life. Actually, the side that the most right to chooses where they want to toilet is the cat. But unfortunately, cat usually not as expressive to tells you their favourite spot. You also don’t need to try to move their litter box because the do need re-adaptation anymore.

That’s all some problems that you will face during toilet training in cat. Patient and consistency really needed during this process. Also, your knowledge to identify your cat characteristic will be challenge here. Beside that, if you pet two or more cats in your home, your management cat litter will be really challenged because cat may won’t to poop and pee inside of litter box if any conflict with another cat.

Cat has their own style in their life including toilet business. Trying to force moreover using aggressively ways will cause stressed. Stress also cause some problem for cat like hair fall, low appetite, and etc. So, you have to really careful about this problem. Even thought the goal is positive, make sure that your way also tells them what you want.