4 Worst Spots For Your Cat’s Litter Boxes

Did you know that place cat’s litter can’t be doing randomly? Beside cleanliness thing, why cat owner has to consider about spots to place cat’s litter is also considering about how can the cat can reach it.

Cat’s litter is like place which they can use for poop and pee. This cat litter actually has base which is very much kind of base that can be used as suit as you want. Talk about cat litter base, you better choose the material which can absorb the pee and poop faster so there is no smell left, and make sure that it is dry quickly. Also, make sure that the material isn’t stick to cat’s hair so when cat licking their ass, the material isn’t coming in and not poisoning the cat.

Basically, cat’s litter can be place everywhere inside the home but it doesn’t mean that all spots is good for them. There are spots that not suggestable to place the cat’s litter because of some consideration.

To know about the information, let’s check out some worst spots to place cat’s litter boxes.

  • Too private like inside a room

Giving privacy to your cat is a must moreover for something like really privacy, there is no wrong with them. But place the cat’s litter too privately isn’t good either. Your cat will feel so hard to find the cat’s litter so when they can’t handle their pee but feeling so hard to find cat’s litter, don’t blame the cat that pee carelessly. You may be wrong to place the litter. You better place the litter in the place that easy to find like in the lane of room, in the corner of family room, or in the centre of the wall in the hallway. You are also suit the near between where is the spot that the cat mostly assembles with the spot you place the litter. Make sure that the litter isn’t too far away.

  • Too hidden like under the wardrobe

Beside the distance, you need to make sure that there is no something that cover up the litter. Make sure that litter box is really free and easy to find. Too hidden can make cat lost their box so they may pee carelessly because they can’t find the litter. So, place the litter under something isn’t suggestable.

  • Too close with food, water, or other litter boxes

Even though that cat is animal which is known that they are really mess, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own hygiene standard. One that can keep cat to always want to poop and pee in their litter is about their own smell. They are may lost their poop or pee smell because of it contained by food smell which is really dirt for them. Place food even if it is human food or their own food next of their litter box isn’t good deal. They may guess that that was not their litter box so they keep looking and in the end they can’t find it and pee carelessly again. Don’t place the litter box near from water because you know cat is really hate water even thought they can swim. Place cat’s litter box next to rabbit’s litter box (in case if you pet them at the same time) also not suggestable because it might make them war and using their poop as the weapon hahaha

  • Next of laundry space

The noise of washing machine isn’t good for cat. Cat is really hate a noisy thing so you better separated it away from your cat so does when cat wants to poop and pee. Place cat’s litter box next to washing machine or laundry space isn’t good deal because the sound of washing machine is really disturb cat. That’s why when you put the litter box in the back room which is mostly space to laundry, they didn’t want to come. Also, the spread of water when you washing is in everywhere and can make the base little wet. This wet beside can loss the smell of pee, it also make the base wet and stick to cat’s hair.

Like human, cat also need calm and comfy space to making out. Also, space that hard to reach is pretty torture them. It is like you when you can’t handle the pee, you have to moving so far to find toilet. It is so suck, isn’t it? So, does the cat.

When you found that you already place a cat litter but your cat is still poop and pee carelessly, something that first you need to evaluate isn’t your cat but have you place the cat’s litter in the proper spot?