How To Teach Your Dog To Be A Perfect Obedience

Every dog owner dreams to have a perfect obedient dog that will follow all of your instruction and act very well. You might think of how those dogs on the circus are that well trained and what are their trainers’ secret? There are no secret by the way. The owner’s positive mindset and attitude, patience, and consistency are the key to make such obedient dogs. So here are some tips of how to teach your dog to be a perfect obedience.

1. Set Uniform Commands and Rules

Before taking your dog home, make list of commands and rules and give it to everyone in the house so that they will also know the rules. Thus, all people at the house will use same words to command the dog and will run the same rules. For example, if you set a rule that the dog cannot sleep on the bed, then all family members must know and avoid the dog to do that. Ask all of your family member to train the dog, feed the dog, and do everything with the dog at almost exact time to ease him learn things.

2. Call Your Dog with A Constant Name

You are not only have to be consistent in giving rules and commands but also in calling your dog. Decide a name for the dog, then you and all the family members must call him with the same name too. As an example, if you decide to call him Okto, then all people must call him Okto.

Don’t call him by clapping your hands or with a whistle because this risks his life. If you call him by name, it will increase his safety in public places. Imagine if you train him to come only if you clap or whistle, and there are people do the same thing in public, he would be very confused. A name is unique by itself and by the way you sound of your unique voice. Here are 5 signs that your dog truly respect you.

3. Set Exact Same Areas for Doing Things

Another way how to teach your dog to be a perfect obedience is by setting up exact same areas for doing things. For example, if you want to play with the balls, then do it outside. Or, if you want to feed your dog, you can always place the food in his room. You have to tell the other family members too so that they do the same thing. It may sounds unimportant, but this basic setting is essential.

4. Use Consistent Words to Teach Commands

The key of obedience training is consistency, so it is critically important to use same words to call or give commands. Once you use the word “lay” to ask him to lay, then don’t ever change it the second time. Stick with the same words over and over again so that he will eventually get used to it and follow your only commands. You can use any unique or distinctive words for your dog but it would be easier to apply if you teach him since he was a puppy. You can also read about 10 Dog Behavior Problems You Should Know.

5. Use Consistent Body Language to Teach Tricks

Similar to the explanation above about consistency, you must also use consistent body language to teach him some tricks. As an example, if you use claps to command him, then stick with it. Others may use pointing fingers, sticks, or many others they think will work better for their dogs.

6. Reward Your Dog using Treats

One of the most important factor to make obedient dogs is the reward. Make your dog happy every time he accomplish a trick so that he will understand that if he want to get the treat, he must do what you command well. If you are curious, you can also read about Ways To Teach Your Fearful Puppy Gain Confidence.

7. Keep The Training Session Short

Another important tip to make your dog master his trainings and be a perfect obedience is by knowing the time to start and to stop. You must get your dog attention as long as possible during the training and keeping his attention along the way is not easy. So one thing you can do is keeping the training session short, but consistent. Repeat the training session over and over again with consistent manner. Keep the training session short but memorable so your dog will get it faster and remember it longer. Repeat older commands so that they will still remember his first lessons.

8. Bring Your Dog Outside to Meet People and Other Dogs

Do not keep your dog inside the house for too long, they must meet other people or dogs, for short, they have to socialize. His mental health is as important as his physical health, so socializing with other people or dog can help. Read more about How To Train Your Shy Dog Become More Friendly

9. Don’t Force Your Dog Too Hard

It has been mentioned before that you have to keep your dog mental healthy, and forcing him too hard is one of many ways to make his mental health declining. Don’t push to train your dog if he feels like he doesn’t want too, or if he feels sick. You must be very patience, understanding, and caring to sometimes let him decide what to do that day. Even if what he wants to do is only sleeping. Observe if he is sick or not by checking out his unusual attitude.

10. Use Toys and Technologies to Teach

Last but not least, use toys and technologies like smart phones to train him. One thing to remember, it is better for not using tools which can hurt him or can damage him such as shock  collars or other similar products. Train your dog with all of your passion, love, time and patience.

Those tips above of how to teach your dog to be a perfect obedience are look simple, but those requires all the time, effort, and patience for both of you. You decide what kind of perfections you will achieve and you must set the goal which can be measured. Overall, as long as your dog always listen and do what you command, then he is already a perfect obedience. Congratulations! Also read Dog Behavior That Are Related to Myths You Shouldn’t Believe.