How To Naturally Treat Wet Feather In Ducks

Talk about feather, that’s the nearest thing that stick to duck. One layer that coated the duck in the most out of their body. This layer also protects the duck from somethings out there such like cold, water, and dirt.

Where is wet feather come from? Well, that question may appear on your mind when you face this thing. Basically, there is so much cause of wet feather but actually this is affected by age. For your information, wet feather mostly caught baby duck than adult duck. That’s because the feather of baby duck isn’t waterproof enough and still soft. It is pretty different with adult duck which the feather is pretty waterproof so they able to swim as long as they want.

Wet feather surely faced seriously because it can be stimulator of any disease. Some diseases that caused by fungal and bacteria is pretty sure will attacked them because of their wet feather condition. Fungal and bacteria disease that ready to face them suck like cholera, coccidiosis, coryza, and etc.

To face and prevent this possibility, you have to know some ways to solve this one. Did you know that this problem can be solve by natural ways? Getting curious? Here’s the way.

  • Cage placing and position

Placing and positioning is fundamental thing that you should thinking. Did you know that the best direction to place the cage is east? Well, maybe many people didn’t know much of this. Basically, this is the trick to positioning the cage. It doesn’t mean that another direction is wrong and not good for naturally ways to drying the feather. Naturally wind would press on every stare but the best stare is east. That’s because the sun comes from east. It brings the sunlight, heat, and good air circulation. Also, this stare would bring a lot of morning light that rich of vitamin D which is good for the duck to support their bone development. This morning light that still warm will enter the cage so the combination of wind and heat would dry their feather. And the power of nature no need to underestimate anymore, right? The guarantee of free with effective move would you get.

  • Cage design

Beside position, design also fundamental ways to solve this one. All that nature already give to you will be useless if the design isn’t support enough to show you the power. Actually, choosing cage design to support air circulation is must for every farmer no matter what their rise. That’s because oxygen, wind, air is needed by all life creature both for breathing or to drying their whole body. You better choose stage design because this design able to give the space under the base of the cage. Basically, this cage has some space under the cage so it makes there is air circulation so the air can enter by under the cage. This design will give you some advantage for example when your duck has watery poop so the wind can help it dry and it is absolutely decreased the possibility of any disease that can appear and transmitted.

  • Pound timing management

If you know that your duck tends to more wet feather, you must to know when to manage time. You better manage how long the duck can swim both in the lake or pound and when they have to move to drying. Make sure their time to swimming isn’t too long than drying time. Not enough drying time will make them always face with water. It may good because the duck has guarantee always cleaning of their water activity but it is totally different because the duck has feather so it can keep the water so it makes their feather wet. This wet isn’t good for healthy and moreover invited some bacteria and fungal to come and cause of some disease.

Wet in duck feather didn’t come from inside. Basically, wet feather comes to external factor. Cage management can be cheating and used for solve this problem. It is impossible to swipe the duck one by one because it is too much and too wasting to do. Also, duck is kind of waterfowl so basically, they are living in water like lake and pound. Using or not using the manually method they are still living like that. To make it more effective, let the nature helps you.

Both disease or prevent action, you as the farmer better being responsive to respond anything that needed by duck. Also, you need to manage both the duck and cage so you can make sure the cleanliness and duck moving and growing. All you need is love the duck and working with all your heart.