How To Take Care For Ducks In Cold Winter Time

We can’t make sure is it a suggestion or truly the fact, but when rainy season is coming egg production of laying duck is getting low. Wet feather both rainy or snowy are same as affect the duck both the production quality and disease transmitted. Disease attacked and transmitted is highly increase in this season because bacteria and fungal are quickly growth and spreading.

By this disease transmitted duck is really potential to caught by disease so the egg production is getting low and low by the time. Some diseases that usually transmitted in cold winter generally caused by fungal and bacteria like cholera, coccidiosis, coryza, duck flu, and etc.

By cold weather that usually has lower temperature, the effort to heat the egg (incubate it) is need for more extra but the farmer usually missed this thing. So, that’s why beside fungal and bacteria transmitted, lower temperature can also cause why the duck decrease their egg production.

There are some efforts that we can do to reduce this situation. Here are some naturally ways to treat duck in cold winter.

  • Playing the heater

As we know all duck cage must have a heater. People mostly use bulb lamp as the heater. But when the winter comes, is it all those lamps enough to handle the heat? How much do we need to reach the warmth? Actually, bulb isn’t enough to keep the warm. If your cage is designed to be more holes and tends to more open, you surely need more lamps or moreover you need bigger heater like installing coal briquette under the cage. Well actually you have to be careful if you decide to use coal briquette because it would make carbon dioxide which is can poisoning the duck. You can use the safer heater like using plastic.

  • Choosing the design

If you have to prevent some problem that already happened, you must to know the main problem from the first. Actually, you must know which one is the best design that can used both in summer and winter. One of all recommended cage designs is grounded cage which is not any space under the cage. It makes you easier to manage and control circulation so the not too much wind can enter. You can also choose both grounded or base cage, just make sure that there is no space under the cage. Using base like chaff is more profitable for you to keep the warm.

  • Make flexible circulation system

After talk about cage, now we move to fundamental thing that you must did to manage your poultry when the winter comes. You must modification the cage so you can manage the air circulation. It is very simple, you can cover up all the holes in the cage using plastic. This plastic shouldn’t install permanently, but you must design it flexible which is can uninstall if the summer come. You can install hoist to lower or raise it so you can move it when the summer coming. When you decide to use this thing, make sure you schedule it well moreover if the cage using base. Make sure that they are warm enough, not hot enough. You can make it close in the night but let it open in the day. The key is the warm is still inside and make sure the duck absorbs it well.

  • Install additional incubator to incubate the egg

As we know egg needs warmer place to survive. Egg could die when it is not warm enough. Both cracked and consume egg, they need to incubate to keep the quality even though by different interval time. Egg surely can’t deal with cold winter season moreover which just out. Both duck momma and the egg need warmer place.

Actually, the preparation to face cold winter time is need more efforts and little bit tricky. We have to smartly choosing and playing with time and management tricks. The key of this explanation is how you can keep the warmth. As we know when the winter comes, it would be cold every single day. Not only you who have to stay warm but also the duck.

By this season, your heat management control is really needed. Besides, you must know when the duck is getting hot and become hard to breathe and when the duck is cold. If you think that they are normally move and the normal heat is good for them, then it is good.