How to take care of newborn duck without its mother

Sometimes, when you stroll through the park, you might found abandoned ducklings on the edge of the pond. Newborn ducklings will follow it mother duck to its feeding grounds right after hatch, however, sometimes you can see ducklings that are abandoned and left behind by its mother. What you can do for them is to […]

4 recommended duck breeds to raise for meat

Duck is a very useful animal as they can be breed for their eggs, meat, feather, down, for dog herding training and many more. However, the most common purpose to breed duck is for their meat and eggs. Duck egg is very nutritious, contains a lot of protein and rich in fats. Some people claim […]

Important Things You Must Know When Raising Ducks

There are some special things that you should know when you pet or raising ducks. Actually when you treat ducks there is no something difficult that pressed you because honestly treat duck is really easy. The things like food, cage, and disease therapy basically easy and beginner friendly. But still even treat ducks is really […]