Why is Yule Goat become a scandinavian christmas tradition?

In Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, there is tradition during Christmas holiday. This tradition is called as Yule, a celebration during winter holiday that revolves all around families, gathering and celebration. One iconic thing about Yule celebration in Sweden is the icon of this celebration and that is Yule goat. Yule goat celebration started hundred years ago in Sweden. Yule goat is a giant goat statue made from straw. In this tradition, people made Yule goat to help Santa deliver the present for kids all around the world, son instead of using his sleigh, Santa will ride on the Yule goat instead. Mini Yule goat is also popular home Christmas decoration in many part of Sweden. Yule goat is also a tradition originated from an old Norse mythology. According to Old Nordic legends, during the dead of winter, there will be a time when Thor will rode upon the magical flying goat. This magical flying goat is supposed to bring good luck and happiness, and therefore this time of year is called as Yule. The legends continued and now becoming a tradition in many Nordic countries such as Sweden.

The myth about Yule goat is that this goat is made from the last straw of grains and therefore made from the last harvested grain before the dead of winter. People said that the last strand of grain harvested before Yule have magical properties and therefore bring good luck and fortune for those who keep it. This celebration is unique as people will wait and sometime bet if the Yule goat can make it through the year without being burned down. There is a history why Yule goat becoming a Sweden Christmas decoration, why Yule goat is even created if it will be burned down, how this tradition started in the first place and Why is Yule Goat become a scandinavian christmas tradition? Today, we are going to answer you all about this unique Scandinavian Christmas tradition.

How Yule goat started as Scandinavian tradition and why is it so special?

How it started? How Yule goat tradition started as a Scandinavian Christmas tradition? Yule goat is an interesting Scandinavian tradition that is pretty interesting to learn. For those who don’t know about how it started and what’s so special about it?

  • The legend and how it started

Yule goat is a Scandinavian tradition during Christmas holiday dating back from a hundred days. However, Yule goat tradition is actually dating back from before Christian spread in Nordic country, and it is actually started as myth and legends from Nordic mythology. According to Nordic saga and legends, Yule goat is a magical flying goat that Thor the god of Thunder rode during the night of the dead winter. During the dead of winter, Thor will rode upon the mystical flying goat called as Yule goat. From the tradition, this time of year when the dead winter is called as Yule. During the Christianity spreading in Nordic countries, priest adopted this tradition as a Christmas tradition. Nowadays, whenever there is Christmas holiday in Scandinavian, the most famous and popular tradition is a Yule goat.

  • The procession of Yule goat tradition

What’s so special about Yule goat tradition of Scandinavian people? Well the procession of Yule goat is pretty unique and different from many culture and tradition from all around the world. When Christmas comes, or a Yule come, Nordic people will build a giant goat statue made from straw of grain mostly wheat. According to legend, Yule goat is made from the straw of the last harvested grain. The last harvested grain before winter is supposed to be enchanted and have a magical properties. It could bring a good luck, fortune and that’s why many people even love to make mini Yule goat as Christmas decoration.

The unique tradition of Yule goat is a very unique tradition from Scandinavian countries. So, have you learned more about Yule goat, here is an article about Why is Yule Goat become a scandinavian christmas tradition? And what should be learned from it.