Causes of A Goat’s Pregnancy Loss and How to Prevent It

Goat breeding is a common practice in any village, due to the high demand of its meat (and its milk for some goats). A successful goat breeding depends on a successful reproduction program. Sometimes, one problem that you can find during such program is a pregnancy loss. This article describes the causes of a goat’s […]

How to House Train A Baby Lamb

Most paradigm of people thought that sheep can only raise as a livestock animal. To be raise to produce some products, such lamb meat, wool, and milk (usually for the cheese). Following the growth of economic industries now days, a lot of people had tries their fortune to be apart of sheep farming industry (here […]

What’s The Differences Between Lamb Meat and Goat Meat

Lamb and goat is one of the biggest meat production over the world. With high popularity in the mid of people, especially those whose living in Middle East Asia, North and West African countries which is demanding live animals and meat stock equally. The numbers of consumer increased especially during the religious festivals and big […]