How to Effectively Raising Goats in Your Backyard

Dear fellow animal lovers! There are a lot of reasons to raise goats. They can be kept for their milk, meat, and fiber. Goats also make a good company for human as good as cats or dogs. While you can keep one goat breed for every purpose, actually each kind has its own specialty, such as […]

5 Easy Steps to Assist A Goat Giving Birth in Homestead

Dear fellow animal lovers! Have you ever wonder what to do when your doe is in labor? Should we help her ourselves or just let her be? Or does calling a vet will be a better choice? Let’s say your doe is pregnant, then about 150 days or 5 months later there will be a […]

How to Tell That Your Goat is Close to Giving Birth

After a long wait, your doe will finally come into her labor! At the end of the pregnancy phase and close to the delivery date, there are a few things that you need to work on. Start to aware of all the small chance on your doe. Check your doe regularly and more frequently so […]

Q Fever Facts That Might Attack Your Goat

Who doesn’t want to have happy and healthy animals fellow? Whether we keep them for sweet company or profit, we are responsible for their well-being, right? That is apply to all animals, including our beloved goat. Happy goat makes a happy owner/farmer, and vice versa. Well, some of you might wonder, “goats as pets?” Yes, […]

5 Dangerous Goat Diseases That Might Passed to Humans

You can have a goat as a pet or herd of goats as livestock. Goats can be considered as pets because they are known to be able to bond with their owner. Meanwhile, farming goat is a promising business; almost every part of goats are useful and profitable for human. Whether having goats as pets […]

5 Cool Tips to Take Care of Healthy Goats During Hot Weather

Although goats can tolerate heat, hot weather can still be a stressful time for your goats. The continuous and extreme heat can distress your goats. There are some goat breeds that is more tolerant to heat. Goats with loose skin and floppy ears are more heat tolerant that other goats, while Angora goat has lower […]

How to Raise an Abandoned 4 Weeks Old Goat

A baby goat is a cute and adorable animal. Having a baby goat can be a happy moment for goat owners, they can raise it and bond with the goat since the young age. However, there are some things you need to know to raise an abandoned baby goat. Here we will discuss how to […]

5 Effective Tips to Keep Goat at Backyard

If you have large backyard, you may think to keep your goats at your backyard. To keep the goats at your backyard, you have to make sure that your local government allows you to keep goat and check all of the limitations. Sometimes there is a limitation about the goat’s size, so make sure that […]

6 Simple Tips to Care for Pregnant Goat for Beginners

Taking care for pregnant goat may be thrilling yet exciting experience for goat owner. You will need to keep the pregnant goat healthy so she can deliver a healthy baby. To take care for pregnant goat, you must first know about goat’s pregnancy. The goat pregnancy is about 150 days. There are 3 stages of […]

8 Simple Ways to Take Care of Baby Goat Without Its Mother

Having baby goats can be a very exciting moment for goat owner. They are small and cute just like babies. But they also need extra care to let them grow and become good and healthy grown up goat. For baby goat that lost their mother, for example because baby goat’s mother dies after giving birth, […]