6 Specific Kind of Desert Animal You Must Know

Dear fellow animal lovers! What comes to your mind when we talk about a desert? Dryland? Heat? Sand dunes? If you do, you’re not wrong but not particularly correct either. Turn out that only about 1/4 of the world’s deserts are covered in sand. Furthermore, parts of Antarctica and Arctic covered in freezing ice and […]

How To Care About Dog Seizure

Dear fellow animal lovers! Dogs are known as human’s best friend, and who dare to argue that? They are loyal and easy to train. If you ever know the story of Hachiko that waited for his owner over nine years following his death, you surely understand what we mean. You know, sometimes human just don’t […]

What is Animal Culture? Get to know about it here

Dear fellow animal lover! Reading the title up there, have you ever wonder if our animal friend is cultured? Interestingly, we, human being used to the idea of culture as the difference between human and animal. That human can think, while the animal has instinct. This idea stands strong until more convincing evidence of animal […]

2 Deadly Illnesses That Can Kill Rabbits In A Day

Dear fellow animal lovers! How’s life lately? We hope you can get all the rest you deserve from work and school but still, we will never have a day off for caring our favorite cuties, rabbits, right?  Happy and healthy rabbits is a blessing for every rabbit’s owner. However, such blessing won’t show out of […]

3 Effective Ways to Treat Rabbit Bite

Dear fellow animal lovers! We all can agree on how cute and loveable our favorite fluffy ball, rabbits are. You can keep them as friendly companies as well as livestock. Whether you raise rabbits for their company or their economic value, keeping them happy and healthy is a must because their condition may affect you […]

3 Important Signs of A Rabbit Before Giving Birth

Hello, fellow animal lover! Rabbits are prolific animals. Just like how we often heard saying “breed like rabbits”, they can be breed and produce offspring once they are sexually mature or reach 6-8 months old. Small size bunny usually matures faster than the bigger one, and some smaller breeds even reach sexual maturity at the […]

You Can Do These 4 Essential Steps to Treat Rabbit Scratches at Home

Dear fellow animal lovers! Rabbits are cute and lovable. Sure, we all agree to that. They also can be kept as friendly companies as well as livestock. Whether you raise rabbits for their company or their commercial value, keeping them happy and healthy is a must. Remember, their condition may affect you and your family, […]

5 Effective Guidance to Breeding Rabbit for Meat

Dear fellow animal lovers! Have you ever tasting rabbits meat? While some of you may ask, “What? Eating those cute and lovely rabbits?” But, yeah, some others love those cute and lovely rabbits for a whole different reason; the delicacy of their meat. That being said, you can farm rabbits for being pet, their fur, […]

Beware of Tularemia That Might Attack Your Rabbit! Here are 7 Facts

Dear fellow animal lovers! Who doesn’t want healthy and happy animal friends? Whether we raise them for their sweet companies or commercial purposes, their wellness are our responsibility. Remember, happy animals will make happy owners, and vice-versa. Our favorite fluffy ball, rabbits, are no exception to that. One of the diseases that might attack your […]

5 Dangerous Diseases of Rabbit That Will Affect Humans

Dear fellow animal lovers! Who doesn’t want a happy and healthy animal? Remember, a happy animal makes a happy owner and vice versa. Other reasons why you should taking care of your animal friends well-being is because your health will also likely be affected by them.  Have you heard of zoonosis? It is a term […]