Beware of These 6 Scorpions Around the World

Scorpion is one of scary arthropod animals. This animal has a tail that can envenom human or other animals. Nowadays, the types of scorpions identified are about 2000 species where about 25% of the known types of scorpions have homicidal venom. This animal has even become a predator for other small animals. Scorpions can be […]

Deathstalker Scorpion: One of the Dangerous Scorpions in the World

In this world, there are a variety of venomous animals. There are snakes, dragons, jellyfish, etc. Before reading further, let’s meet the largest lizard on earth: Komodo dragon. Or maybe, do you want to know another venomous animal? Check out this list of wild animals that live in the Amazon forest. Anyway, the scorpion is […]