Watch Out of These 5 Venomous Animals in The World

Have you ever heard the terms venomous and poisonous? Both of them are similar because they both contain toxins which when entered into the body will cause malfunction. Even worse can cause death. What’s the difference? Poisonous is when you eat, swallow, or consume something, and then it makes you die. In short, “you bite, […]

6 Amazing Antarctica Marine Animals You Could Find

Antarctica is a continent that covers the South Pole of the Earth which is almost entirely located in the Antarctic Circle and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. About 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice with an average thickness of at least 1.9 km. It means that Antarctica […]

Deathstalker Scorpion: One of the Dangerous Scorpions in the World

In this world, there are a variety of venomous animals. There are snakes, dragons, jellyfish, etc. Before reading further, let’s meet the largest lizard on earth: Komodo dragon. Or maybe, do you want to know another venomous animal? Check out this list of wild animals that live in the Amazon forest. Anyway, the scorpion is […]

7 Slowest Animals in the World

If you have studied biology, you must have learned about the Animalia kingdom. In Animalia kingdom, there are also several classifications to classify animals. It proves that there are various animals in this world. According to the BBC, the number of animal species that live on this planet reaches 8.7 million species spread all over […]

Let’s Meet with These 5 Monkey Species in Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical country because of its proximity to the equator. Indonesia also has many tropical forests, especially on the island of Borneo. The forests are inhabited by many primates; one of them is a monkey. Monkey population is still relatively large, especially long-tailed Macaque (Macaca fascicularis). However, several species of monkey is almost […]

7 Signs of Depressed Cat Should be Known for Cat Owners

Humans are not the only living things that have emotions. The ability to feel happiness, pain and fear can be possessed by animals to survive. Reporting from The Emotional Intelligence of Animals, there are five examples of animal emotions that appear human. The five emotions are a sense of justice, a desire for revenge, maternal […]

Meet the Largest Lizard on Earth: Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) is one of the endangered species of ancient reptile, which is protected and only exists on Komodo Island, Indonesia. Komodo dragon is the largest lizard species in the world. Komodo National Park is the only place in the world that is home to the Komodo dragon. The existence of this national […]

6 Longest Living Animals in the Entire World

Do you have a pet? We feel sad if our beloved pets die, either die with or no illness. Turns out, there are some animals that have a long lifespan. Actually, what is the average age of animals? Like their various types, the age of animals also varies depending on the type. Insects hold the […]

7 Astonishing Hybrid Animals Exist in the World

Hybrids, in biological term, are the generation of a cross between two or more different populations, both phenotypes and genotypes. The purpose of hybrids is to produce new individuals who possess the superior characteristics of their parents. In this age of sophisticated technology, hybrids are not difficult to be done. In fact, around last year, […]

5 Layers of Ocean Zone and Creatures Live in Each Layer

70% of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans, and certainly not surprising if there are still many sea creatures that we have not identified. Sea creatures, especially those that live on the seabed, are indeed super tricky for us to see them directly because of being ‘out of reach’ of vision. They also do […]