Know these 6 Tips for Sugar Glider Pet Owners Before You Adopt One

When it comes to taming and treating a wild exotic animal as pets, you might want to do a bit of research. Lucky you, Animal Lova is here to help and teach you to take better care of your sugar glider. To begin with, you need to get a sugar glider of course. One of […]

7 Things To Consider Before Raising a Biawak

The Biawak, notorious for their terrifying size and frightening looks, is part of the reptilian family. The animal can be found in hot and tropical habitats: such as Africa, Asia, and Australia. It is a wild animal that, when placed in certain situations, can be feral. Wild Biawaks are able to harm other species and […]

7 Tips of How To Pet A Rabbit in Your House

Rabbit is a wonderful pet with their gentle behavior and their fluffiness. You might get tempted to let your beloved pet rabbit live in your in your house instead let them stay outside your house in the enclosure. You can let them stay in your house, but you need some tips to make their companionship with you […]