The Equations of Abysinian Cat and Bengal Cat

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For today, we are going to discuss about cats. In our today discussion we will highlight about cats, one of the most popular household pet around the world. Cats alongside with dogs are the most popular household pets and many animal lovers have even argued which are the better pet cats or dogs. If you are dog lovers, we have other article all about good dog here too, but for today we are going to talk about cats our beloved feline companion.

Cats alongside with dogs have been always human companion since ancient times. During agricultural revolution where mankind shifted from gathering, hunting and nomadic lifestyle to settlement and agricultural lifestyle, human have started to domesticate wild cat as their companion. When doing agriculture and farming, human met a certain problem and that is rodent gnawing on their crops. From this problem, human started to thinking about domesticating wild cats from the jungle. Human then domesticate wild cat as the guardian of their crops from pesky rodent. Cats now live with human for protection and foods and human domesticate cat to guard their crops from rodent. This is the earliest use of cat as human companion since ancient times.

When we are talking about cat, you need to know that there are lot of cat breeds and species. Cats come from variety of size and shape, each with their own unique features and characteristics. From small and cuddly shorthair cat, exotic sphinx cat, all time popular Siamese and Burmese cat, and so on. There are many kinds of cats and some of the most popular kind of cats are Abysinian Cat and Bengal Cat. There are considered as one of many kinds of popular cats that have been well known by many cat lovers. If you are familiar with these cats, then you might already know that these two cats are pretty similar. So, what are The Equations of Abysinian Cat and Bengal Cat?

The similarities between Abyssinian cat and Bengal Cat

Before knowing on what are the similarities with Abyssinian cat and Bengal cat, you need to know what are they. Abyssinian and Bengali cat are one of the most popular breeds of cat that many cat lovers want to know more and want to own them. Let’s start our today discussion shall we.

  • Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat is one of the domestic cat that have short haired fur. This cat sometimes dubbed as the thick cousin of tabby cat, with ticked tabby coat as t heir fur. This cat originated from Abyssinia (current day Ethiopia), Western Africa. This cat have ticked fur coat that cat lovers believe that it is their unique feature. This cat is now becoming pretty popular in many parts of Europe and Great Britain.

Abyssinian cat have slender body, medium sized body, wedge shaped head, large pointed ears and their eyes are almond shaped. There are many eye color variants of this cat breed from gold, hazel and green. Adult Abyssinian cat have quite large feet, proportion for their long slender body to increase their gracefulness. Abyssinian cat is quite popular for a people who loves graceful cat in their home.

  • Bengali Cat

Bengali cat is a domesticated cat that comes from the line of Asian leopard cat or Prionailurus bengalensis, however some source also believe that this cat is also mixed up breed from Egyptian Mau cat. One distinct feature about Bengals cat is their wild appearance, temper, their beautiful spotted, rosettes and markings all over their coats. Similar with Abyssinian cat, they have long and slender body with long tail that are whiplike. This cat has been well known, and people started to breed this cat since 1889. There are many record of human doing a domestic breed to create unique Bengali cat. Bengali cat is also popular with many cat lovers for their energetic, playful temperament, smart but sometime wild too. They are dubbed by many cat lovers as one of the most active cat.

Now, the similarities between Abyssinian cat with Bengali cat

Abyssinian cat and Bengali cat is actually pretty similar and they have quite a lot of similarities, but they are also two different cats. First, both of them have distinct shorthaired fur, with slick and elegant slender body. Although both of them have shorthaired fur, Abyssinian tend to have shorter fur while Bengali sometimes can have longer fur too. As we mentioned earlier, both Abyssinian and Bengali cat have long and slender body. They are both are quite graceful cat with long legs that walk with pride and grace. Many cat lovers have entrenched and fell in love with this cat because of their gracefulness. Another thing that this cat share in common is their temperament, as both of Abyssinian and Bengali cat are playful cat. They are considered as active cat, playful and have curious predicament. If you are beginner cat owner, choosing Abyssinian or Bengali cat might be a very good choice for you.

So, for final verdict, there are many kinds of cat all around this world. There are playful cats, graceful cat and we have Abyssinian and Bengali cat that are both of them. You might think that both of them is pretty different but the truth is they are pretty similar and have many kind of similarities. In our article on The Equations of Abysinian Cat and Bengal Cat we have discussed about both of them, what are they look like, and discussion about their similarities.