4 Easy steps to pet manx cat for beginners

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Alright, so here we are on today article. Today, we are going to learn about cat. Cat is always been one of the most valuable and lovable companion for human being and human have always domesticating wild cat since ancient times. The earliest domesticated wild cats have been recorded in the Mesopotamian Empire, in the fertile river valley of Mesopotamia, current days Iraq and Syria. Human domesticate cat to protect their crops and foods from rodent and any other animals that might steal them since cats will eat on rodent. Since then, cats have been loyal companion to human, and human bought cat whenever and wherever they can. Today, cat is one of the most popular house pet. Many people love cat and some are even cat maniac too.

One of the species of cat is Manx cat. Manx cat is a species of cat that comes from Isle of man. Physically, you might think Manx cat isn’t different than any other cat except that Manx cat is actually tailless. Manx cat is born without its tail. This syndrome is called Manx syndrome by many animal scientist. Manx syndrome make cat develop a very short tail or even doesn’t develop tail at all. This syndrome might cause some trouble for cat like spinal cord diseases, spine dysfunction and balance problem for cat. Tail is used as balance, communication and extension of spinal in cats. If you take away its tail, cat will have problem such as out of balance, spinal dysfunction and many more.

Manx cat might be incomplete, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be a good pet. If you want to try your hand on taking care of Manx cat, here are 4 Easy steps to pet manx cat for beginners.

Easy step for beginners to take care of Manx cat

To take care of manx cat, there are actually 4 steps you need to understand and master. If you can easily do these 4 steps, then taking care of cute little Manx cat will be easy task for you.

  • Feeding your Manx cat

To feed your Manx cat, there are many things you need to consider, quality of your cat food, regular feeding schedule, water and treat. Manx cat needs an extra quality of foods since Manx cat can be quite sickly. To ensure your Manx cat health, high quality cat food might be necessary. Make sure to feed your cat with foods that contain Taurine, an essential amino acid that cat needed in order to grow healthily. Don’t forget to make a regular schedule for your Manx cat to eat. It also help to train them defecate regularly and won’t cause you much trouble once you understand its regular feeding habit. Give your manx cat clean and fresh water daily and don’t hesitate to give them treats too.

  • Grooming your cat

Grooming your cat isn’t only for aesthetic but it is also for hygienic and health reason. Grooming your cat is a must so your cat will clean and healthy. Clip their nails when they get longer, groom their hair with quality cat shampoo, don’t forget to clean your cat mouth as it can get dirty quickly, and bathe your Manx cat if you think that your Manx cat is getting too dirty. Most cats can keep themselves clean by licking their fur, but sometimes they can get dirty from dust and mud so bathe them when you think they are too dirty.

  • Comforting and Entertaining your Manx cat

Cat need some attention and comfort from their masters. Manx cat are pretty good cat to keep as your house pet and family cat. Manx cats are also great with child and social creature too. Reward your manx cat with regular pet session to appreciate their loyalty to you. Entertain your Manx cat by giving them toys to play with. Make sure you set aside your time in order to sit back with your Manx cat, pet them regularly and play with your Manx cat.

  • Always ready for medication and vets help

Some Manx cat can be quite frail, as they can get many serious health problems. They are also prone to many serious diseases and complication because of their spinal dysfunction. If you want to take care of Manx cat, then what you need to prepare is medications and professional veterinarian contact. Consult with your vets in order to know whether your Manx cat needs special treatment or medications. Manx cat can sometime fall to many serious complications and illness so you need to always keep vets contact real close with you in case of emergency.

So, final verdict to close this article on 4 Easy steps to pet manx cat for beginners, Manx cat mightn’t be perfect animals, and they are even incomplete as cats too. However it doesn’t means that they don’t deserve our love for them. They are still great pets and very good choice if you are looking for family cats.