These Rare Pigeons Features Will Blow Your Mind

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When we are talking about pet animals, what you will think about? Some of you might think cute pet mammals such as cats, dogs or hamster. Some of you might also choose some exotic birds like parrots or cockatoo. Some people also love to choose reptile like lizard, snake and turtle as their home pets. When choosing your pets, not many people think about choosing pigeons as pet. Pigeon isn’t as beautiful as exotic bird like bird of paradise or cockatoo. They are also not as cool as eagle or other bird of prey. In terms of aesthetic and beauty, pigeons aren’t as beautiful as bird of colour. However, there are many pigeons features that is unique and different from other pets. Read closely on These Rare Pigeons Features Will Blow Your Mind

Pigeons might not look very pretty, however they have their unique features too

First of all, we should talk about general information about pigeons. Pigeons are bird that comes from a family of Columbidae they are generally small birds, with round stubby body, short neck and short feet. They are generally omnivores and their foods are ranging from seeds, veggies, greens, some small fruits, grains and also small insect. Pigeon inhabit wide area of habitat ranging from wild places like forest, jungle or cliff, to more urban sized habitat near human settlement. Most commonly, you can found pigeons near human settlement like bustling city, or silent countryside. Pigeons have adapted in the world, that in order to maximize their chances of survival, the best place to build a nest is near human settlement. That’s why you will see pigeon most commonly in bustling city. There are also many kinds of pigeons, from Eurasian Collared pigeons, passenger pigeon, white doves and many more. These are the general information of pigeons, so what makes them unique? What makes them distinct from different other species of birds?

These unique features are unique to pigeons. Not many birds or even animals have these features and therefore provide unique traits for pigeons that will blow your mind.

  • Pigeons can hover then fly from stationary position

You might think that it is very small details and even unimportant, but in aerodynamics physics, it is one of the nature wonders. Have you ever considered on how birds could fly, and how they could take off, hover and then fly. Some birds need to take off and run to catch some speed in order to take flight. Some birds like albatross are nature greatest fliers as they could fly for 2 weeks without ever touching land. However, albatross will need to run first and build up speed before they could take flight. Other birds like Eagle also need preparation for flight. They need to jump from height and catch winds in order to flight. However it is different story for pigeons. Unlike other bigger birds that need momentum and catching winds to take flight, pigeons can freely hover and then fly from stationary position. This is actually very interesting to study in aerodynamics and physic as it is natural wonder of gift of flight. How pigeons flight is also one of the inspiration for hover drone.

  • Pigeons are smart fliers and navigator

Since ancient times, people have used pigeons as courier and way to communicate. Pigeons can be trained to deliver massage from one point to another, this way people could use pigeon as postal service for communication. Pigeons are smart fliers, which mean they could easily remember a certain flight pattern and route, and they could navigate well from one point to another. People could train pigeons to deliver one massage from certain points, to other receivers.

In ancient Persian Empire, people have trained pigeons as their messenger and postal services for nobles and wartime communication. This is the earliest record of pigeon’s usage as communication. During the Roman age, Julius Caesar used pigeons in order to communicate with his legions during the conquest of Gaul, making the conquest of Gaul is possible and the victory for Roman. In the earliest age of exploration, during the early 80s to 90s, pigeons service as military communication is still very highly used despite there are already other communication technology like telegraph. In World War 1 the use of pigeon service is revived, and even one pigeon named Cher Ami recognized as wartime hero for her heroics delivery of crucial massage despite her critical injuries.

  • Pigeons also adapting very quickly in environment

Pigeons are successful colonizers and adapt very quickly to even new environments. When introduced to new environments, pigeons could adapt very quickly. One example of this successful adaptation for pigeons are pigeons called Eurasian Collared Pigeons. They originated from Europe and Asia, and later introduced to North America. They are highly competitive and successful colonizers that even considered as invasive species that wipe out native pigeon species like passenger pigeons because of their adaptability.

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