3 Cats’ Behaviors without their Owners at Home

Leaving pet for a long period of time is stressful decision. All sort of thought would flow and covered our minds – especially all the negative thoughts: will dog feel abandoned, what will dogs do when they miss their owners, and others. Well, yes we take a dog as example; but, actually there are some […]

2 Facts of Same-sex Behavior in Animals: How’s the Beginning

There would always be a mystery hidden in the wildlife. All those wild animals have secrets just like us human, and one of the biggest secret was hidden in animals’ behaviors. If we study deeper and deeper about wildlife natural behaviors among the nature, the more we surprise by how – at some points, these […]

4 Behaviors of Sugar Glider you should Familiar With

Having sugar gliders as pets is such a joyful experienced. You know that sugar gliders are one of the super active among other pocket animals. This is one or the reason among other reasons why sugar glider could make a good pet for you. Just put some toys such hanging cork and tread-wheel, and you […]

7 Things that Make Dog to Bark at Night

Dog is one of the animal that we met the most, especially someone who have it. Sometimes dog levers neighborhood will let them strolling around, which means that it is a good dog and not a wild dog. Based on the types, there are lot kinds of dogs. Dog lover will assume that every kind […]

What is Animal Culture? Get to know about it here

Dear fellow animal lover! Reading the title up there, have you ever wonder if our animal friend is cultured? Interestingly, we, human being used to the idea of culture as the difference between human and animal. That human can think, while the animal has instinct. This idea stands strong until more convincing evidence of animal […]

10 Types of Adaptation on Dogs

Dog adaptation is their effort to reach harmony between themself with the environment around them. Dog adaptation is a process how a dog can reach life balance in order to fulfill their needs with the new environment. This adaptation is more to a lifetime process, and dog will always keep on trying to find and […]

10 Common Behavior Of Female Rabbit

Well, the last time you already learn about some aggressive behavior of rabbit, these behaviors are usually done by the rabbit. Now, what are the common behavior of female rabbit? How to recognize that your rabbit is a female? Below the following here, you will learn how to recognize that the rabbit is female and some […]

12 Behavior Displayed By Male Rabbit

Male rabbit, how to recognize that your rabbit is a male? What is the behavior displayed by the male rabbit? Is it same with the behavior displayed by the female rabbit? Well, if you would see what is the behavior displayed by male rabbit, the following here are 12 behavior displayed by male rabbit. 1. […]

5 Reasons of Why Did Chicken Cross the Road?

Chicken is animal that useful for people. Indeed they became human pet and livestock for decades. They quite productive both egg, meat, feather, and other part of their body can be utilize by people. Chickens is tame, likeable, but they also have a unique behavior. If you want to create a poultry farm at least […]

Ways to Stop Your Puppy From Nipping When Excited

A lot of pet owner especially animallova readers, know that nipping and mouthing begins in puppy-hood then continues to the life of dog. When your puppy allowed to pull at your clothes, tug on your socks, and rip off your cushion then this is a big problem. It is a natural behavior for a dogs […]