How to Arrange the Hamster Cage

Keep hamsters as pet is wonderful fun experience. As you understand, hamsters are easy to nurse and didn’t require a lot of spaces to grow. This is also why people categorized hamster as pocket pet because of their small body. There are many variants of hamster’s breeds available such as, Winter White Pedigree, Roborovski and […]

You must Considered these Things when You Clean the Hamster Cage

Hamsters are popular pocket pet of many people, included me – actually hamster is my first ever animal pet. This animal was very active and playful, it’s always a pleasure to see them running and playing around over toys inside the cage. Even now, hamster lovers was created their own hamsters online community due the […]

2 Types of Rabbit Cages and Their Functions

Cage is an important pet equipment must be prepare before bringing the animal into your house. In rabbit there are 2 types of rabbit cages and their functions – which will be our main topic of discussion today. When you raise rabbit in your house, you should considered the right size of cage that could […]

Rabbit Hutch VS Rabbit Cage: Which is More Comfortable?

Pet rabbits are popular among animal lovers; they have adorable features, friendly and delightful characteristics. Plus, there are so many variants of breed options you could choose, such as Flemish Giant rabbit, Lop rabbit included German Lop, Holland Lop, and English Lop, Angora rabbit, and many more. There are countries that give permission to its […]

8 Ways on How to Cast Ants Out from Cricket’s Cage

Not every people pleased with the existence of ants. Although some myth might say that more ants means more luck. On the reality, the existence of ants just annoyed most people. Moreover if it try to ruin an event or plan. For example, if you have made a cake and place it on the table. […]

4 Things that Should be Considered when You make DIY Rabbit Hutch

Rabbits are fun people companion. They were adorable, friendly, and easily to keep. If you one of the people who like furry pet, then rabbits would be perfect option for you besides cats and of course dogs. As herbivore animal, rabbits eat grasses and hays as the prime foods, then, you could let them eat […]

2 Things that Must be Considered when You Buy The Rabbit Cage

Small pets are the best option for you who interesting to keep animal as pet in limited space. The animals such chinchilla, hamster, guinea pig, and rabbit are the best option for you. But, however, there are people – since the beginning – are attracted to small pets, because (commonly) small pets are gifted with […]

7 Ways on How to Keep Hamster Odorless

How to make hamster odorless? You might be one of this cute animal owner or you are just so in love with this animal. Yes, hamster is one of the cutest animals, with its thin whiskers which show its uniqueness. There are 7 Kinds of Cute and Unique Hamster in The World. Hamster is one […]

2 Ways to Clean The Cage of Guinea Pig

Provide all guinea pig necessities must be your number one priority. Knowing all the need of your guinea pig is the most important matter as an owner. The first thing of list should be the new cage or house or habitat for you guinea pig. You should and must have the cage before you bring […]

How to Set Up Guinea Pig’s Cage, You Can Do It!

Having a guinea pig as a pet must be fun. Guinea pigs are cute and easy to take care of so no wonder why many of us choose them to be the first pet. They might be small, but actually, guinea pigs are hardy and not as fragile as the rabbit. However, guinea pigs still […]