5 Things That Should Be Considered When You Buy Beveren Rabbit

Who doesn’t love Beveren rabbits? They are one of the oldest and largest breeds of rabbits that are coated with fur. They got their names because the first one was bred in Beveren, a small town in Belgium near Antwerp.

The Beveren rabbits are big sized rabbits, weighing between 8 to 12 lbs and classified into four grades with a different weight, which is pre-junior, junior, intermediate, and senior. What we know for sure is, just like the majority breed of rabbits, the does are usually larger than the bucks. The doe is weighing between 9 to 11 lbs while the buck is between 8 to 11 lbs.

One of the most distinctive features of Beveren rabbits is their body shape. They have a semi-arched body type, or usually known as mandolin shape. The mandolin shape described as the shape of the body where it has a gradual slope from the neck that peaks at their hips and arches around their rumps to the tails. The Beveren rabbits also have a puffed chest, with straight, strong, and well-furred feet.

Another unique feature from them is their V-shaped ears! Have you ever noticed that? The Beveren ears are large, where the ears can reach more than 5 inches, stand vertically and close together on their heads which is why they are forming V-shaped ears.

The Beveren rabbits’ coat is glossy, dense, and thick to the touch. The average of their fur length is about 1.25 to 1 and a half inches long. And just like the most rabbits, the Beveren rabbits experience shedding during fall and spring months. But since their fur is pretty short, the shedding is not really noticeable like the other type of breeds.

How about their color? Well, their original color is blue, but nowadays they come in various colors, from black, blue, brown, lilac, and white. However, only the black, blue, and white colors that are recognized by the ARBA. One variety of Beveren which called the Pointed Beveren is extremely rare. The Pointed Rabbit has the same shade of colors as the normal one, but the tips of their hair have white points on it!

So, are you interested in having one of them? But, wait! Before you impulsively buy one, here’s the list of what you have to think or prepare before.

5 Things That Should Be Considered When You Buy Beveren Rabbit

1. The use of the Beveren Rabbits 

Originally, the Beveren rabbits were mainly used as a meat and fur producing animals. But now they are also popular to be kept as pets, and even as show animals! The treatment of the Beveren rabbits as meat or fur producing animals, as a pet, or as the show star can be different. So you need to make sure what do you want from your Beveren rabbits; breed them for their meat or as your companion?

2. Is there any child in the house?

The Beveren rabbits are surely lovely. They are friendly and can be excellent pets for family, either as outdoor or indoor pets. However, if you are having children in the house, you may want to supervise them, especially the young children ones since rabbits can bite and scratch sometimes! Teach the children how to take care of and handle the rabbit can be a way to tell them about responsibility and how to love another live creature.

3. Where to keep your Beveren rabbit: outdoor or indoor

Remember that Beveren rabbits are one of the largest rabbits. Therefore, they need a large and spacious enclosure. If you want to keep them outdoors, the rabbit should never be left outside without proper housing. The proper and predator safe one is the wood enclosure, raised off the ground, with a fenced bottom with a ramp.

If you want to keep them indoors, then you need a wireframe on the sides of the cage, with a plastic or any soft and comfortable bedding that may not too harsh on their feet. Don’t forget to clean it up weekly! Your house also needs to be rabbit-proofed, too! It should be free from stuff that may harm your rabbit when they roam around, for example from electrical wires, toxic plants, or sharp edges furniture. Remember that rabbits love to gnaw and chew anything, like, anything!

4. What to feed your Beveren rabbit

The ideal diet plan for a rabbit is a diet of 70 percent of hay and 30 percent of mix of pellets, fruits, veggies, and leafy greens. Feed your Beveren rabbits with fresh and healthy food only! However, there are some types of food that your rabbits need to avoid, such as apples, pears, barks and cherry tree twigs, rhubarb, and mushrooms. So before you have one of them, have some research about what to give and what to avoid to the rabbits!

5. Know the behavior of your Beveren rabbit

The Beveren rabbits are sociable, energetic and active rabbits. They love to explore and roam around everywhere. They should have some toys to play with. Toys are good to stimulate and encourage them to exercise, too!

The Beveren rabbits also need to live in groups, so if you want to bring them home, make sure you bring at least one more rabbit for the companion. Your Beveren rabbits will surely have blast and live a happy life with a friend by their side.

The Beveren rabbits are pretty docile and also well-mannered. You probably will not have a hard time with them as a pet. However, they can be a little bit skittish when being handled and picked up so be gentle when you want to pet them.

That is all 5 things you should consider first before bringing the Beveren rabbit to your home. They are relatively easy to take care of, so you don’t have to worry too much. As long as you treat them well, your Beveren rabbit can live long with a healthy and happy life!