2 Things What Should be Done if You Want to Make the Wild Animal Being a Pet

The mother nature has bestowed an amazing circle of life surround us. A beautiful nature with all of the creatures which dwell among the human. From the the variety of plants and animals in the sky, water, and ground which beyond our capacity – even now, so many things not yet to be explore. There so much living things that exist on earth that we – civilized people – need to cover. And, yes, we have to admit that a lot of time human curiosity is indescribable.

Especially for adventurous people who never enough with what they had. The need to conquer something outside their understanding was unstoppable. Many people would stay in their comfort zone and feel ‘enough’ with what they know – but those people – no, there’s no full space for new experience. There’s a lot of people out there who prefer bizarre uncommon taste of choices than the normal one – even for the pet animals choices. Pet was identical with ease handled animals, soft and cute appearance, the most important is safe.

That is correct – at least for all the normal pet out there you could easily found. But as you know, these people would never feel enough for all the criteria above. They want something more – unusual and intrigued, something challenge. So, could you guess it? Precisely, there’s no interesting, challenging, intrigued and seductive animals on this planet except the wild life. No boundaries, no rules, freedom to have what they wanted (at least that’s what they think).

Well, then let me remind you folks – especially if you categorized as the type of person above, like it or not – there’s still some rules you need to obey. Keeping a wild animal is part of security issue for yourself, family, and other people who live around you. Basically, those wild animals would hardly obey and tame – so, to guarantee everyone safety you should obey the terms. There are 2 things what should be done if you want to make the wild animal being a pet.

Furthermore, the wild animal which also called as exotic animals, could be associated with legal and ethic issues. The worst possibility if you decided to ignored the terms is being sue (and I’m sure you definitely won’t this to happen). So, you better take care of all the provisions legally to prevent any problem happen in the future. However, with these 2 things what should be done if you want to make the wild animal being a pet; we would explain all the steps to make your dream come true. Let’s check it out!

1. Submit The a DWA License

What is DWA? DWA is abbreviation of Dangerous Wild Animals – which mean a license that would legalize your action of keeping exotic animals in your home and your property. Plenty of wild or exotic animals was covered by license – that’s mean this license is foremost. No license, no animal. Every DWA license was different – depending where you lived with and the regulations governing in your city and country.

But, for now, the DWA license was provided by the UK (United Kingdom) and USA (United States of America). So, in this article I would explain how to get a DWA license based on UK and USA DWA regulations.

Apply the DWA license in Local Council

First step, you could visit the website of your local council, and choose the menu of DWA license (two years expired) online. Other option is print the copy of documents and mail it manually or fax it to the council.

All you need to do is enter you personal information such name, address, number, and other formal self-information. Plus, you should enclose all information of people who involve on the nursery of the animal (feeding, keeping, etc). Furthermore, enter the detail of the animal which you would keep in DWA category. Generally you would explain how many numbers you want to keep, the place where they would hold (animal), what kind of species, and etc.

The Veterinarian Inspection and License

The other matter you should fulfill is paying for the veterinarian inspection. The first thing that would be review the cleanness of the place, and the animal itself. Do the animal in a good and in standard health conditions to be keep. Commonly, the cost that you would pay is about 200-350 pound sterling. For note, this number is depended on the veterinarian, some maybe cheaper than other – you need to looking for the best price which suit with your wallet.

Finally, You Would Receive Your DWA License

After everything approved and reviewed well by the council, cheer up! You finally would receive the license. Perhaps it would take several weeks, but who cares, right? Your dream has come true!

2. Type of Animal Which Approved

The second step you should pay attention is types of animals has been allowed to be keep in your property. There are many species of exotic animals as an option to keep, such some turtle species, chameleon, snake, deer, owl and others. One thing for sure, you can’t keep the polar bear because they have been protected by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) as the threaten species – also unless you lived in Alaska (or another icy places) – I don’t think you could keep them with you. The other is Javanese rhino, well, unless you want to build a zoo.

Now, we would give you the information of some cities (all in USA) regulations of types of exotic animal’s species you could keep with a license:


  • Allowed animals: zebra, cat hybrid, alpaca, camel, toucan, llama, and chinchilla.
  • Prohibited animals: wolverine, falcon, bighorn sheep.


  • Allowed animals: camel, mink, llama, alpaca, bison, red kangaroo, zebra.
  • Prohibited animals: wildebeest, wildlife generally, raccoon, hedgehog, monk parakeet.


  • Allowed animals: howler, cougar, wolf, cheetah, monkey, giraffe, and alligator.
  • Prohibited animals: tiger, lion, crocodiles, venomous reptiles, leopard, jaguar, chimpanzee.


  • Allowed animals: lion, bear, tiger, leopard, wolf, hyena, chimpanzee, llama, emu, ocelot, etc.
  • Prohibited animals: every dangerous animals without any permission and license.

New York

  • Allowed animals: wallaby, sugar gilder, kangaroo, porcupine, capybara.
  • Prohibited animals: all wild animals including all the big cats, such tiger, lion, leopard, jaguar, cheetah, crocodile, and bear.

There you go, folks. Please, remember this: the most important thing before you really jump into this dangerous game is been responsible and careful. Don’t ever let our hobby endangered people around us.