Let’s Get Closer with Bawean Deer

Bawean Deer (Axis kuhlii) is a kind of deer which can found in Pulau Bawean, Middle of Java Sea. Administratively, this land belongs to Gresik, East Java, Indonesia. This species is rare and classifying into critical rare by IUCN. The populations are around 300 tails in wildlife. It lives in small colonies which including female and their kids or male which follows the female to mate. They belong nocturnal. They are active on 5 PM till 9 PM and start to lower their activities on 2 AM till 5 AM. according this article, it will make you interest with them. So let’s get closer with Bawean Deer.

The male has 60-70 centimeters height. 20 centimeters long tailed, and 140 centimeters length from head to body. The weight is 50-60 kilograms. The color is brown. The male has 3 branching out horns with 25-47 centimeters length. These horns are using for lure his mate. Bawean Deer are firstly identifying in 1845 as Cervus kuhlii, according old note which published in 1953. In 1928 report that the scientist expedition in Bawean Deer nature life and no one there. This is picturing the habit of Bawean Deer which preferably on grass and hiding. But around 1960 when local hunter is move, they met Bawean Deer. The hunter was always catch the deer. From that fact, we know that Bawean Deer population is medium. In the past, Bawean Deer were living in China, Philippine, and Indonesia, because they were united land. In revolution, the deer appeared in small Asia around China and India. Because it split up, the Bawean Deer trapped in Bawean, Indonesia. The family of Bawean Deer is so far. The nearest one is habitat in Philippine. This kind of deer is the fastest than other endemic deer in Indonesia.

People believe that Bawean Deer hasn’t stay mate time. According to research, breeding of Bawean Deer is on February-June, and mate is July-November, basically on summer. The pregnancy period is 7-8 months and ready to breeding when rainy. In this breeding period, all plants grow so both mom and baby has enough food. To lure a female, all males will fight first. Horn rubbing marks will sign to female about male exist, and the female put off a liquid from their fingers. The horn’s deer is the fast grows horn than other animal. Even though they are rubbing it on tree, it isn’t stopped. The other uniquely of Bawean Deer is smell of their head, foot, and nails. The smell can inform about social status, physical condition, and the level of safety of their environment.

Where is their endemic wildlife?

The original wildlife for Bawean Deer is Pulau Bawean. It located 150 kilometers north of Surabaya, in Java Sea area. The mountain has 5%-75% slope. But since 1934, there are many mountains which change their vegetating with teak tree. This area is become habitat of Bawean Deer.

This animal has some abilities. It can adaptation in every habitat and also efficient to convention food in to meat. Their life ability and their adaptation are so strong, but Bawean Deer is also wild animal which high stress-level which cause death quickly. Their population follows their dynamic of the environment. If the support is low, so the population will decrease.

The population of Bawean Deer got monitor of BBKSDA and some of conservation group and animal lovers. The monitoring is centering in Bawean Wildlife Reserve, Mas Mountain Block, and Pulau Cina. The result is during 2014, Bawean Deer is 275 tails, and gain 325 tails in 2015, and reduced as 305 in 2016. One of all methods to keep their population is release them into the wildlife. According in Love Animal Day, BBKSDA release 6 Bawean Deers, 4 females and 2 males after put on transmitter radio to monitoring their exist. They are targeting the Bawean Deer will gain 10% in 2019.

Another Fun Fact

  • Using as mascot

Here some reasons why you have to get closer with Bawean Deer. Bawean Deer was also using as mascot in Asian Game 2018 Jakarta-Palembang. The bronze medalist will gave the Bawean Deer doll as official merchandise. Like Javanese rhino and Cedrawasih, Bawean Deer also being star seller in official store Asian Game 2018. This animal choose not only because it is endemic animal of Indonesia, but also from this event the society can unite, help, and support the effort to gaining of Bawean Deer population. Bawean Deer is symbolizing of speed in sport. Even though the society was criticize this mascot firstly, but in the end the mascot being best seller moreover the official has to restock them. They are criticizing about the shape which according to them, the shape is too bad and the official less promoting them. Because the achievement of Indonesian athletes into in 4 position, this merchandise of mascot which is Javanese rhino, Bawean Deer, and Cendrawasih being best seller and sold out.

The official store also can’t fulfill consumer because the requested is too high. This proves that using animal for the mascot of big event moreover sport event is important thing. We can make use of the enthusiasm of society in order to make them know that we have endemic uniquely rare animal. Their existed is also our responsibility. And by this event, we can show to the world that we have much of endemic animal which can interest them to visit us and also for research. The scientist can make use of their observation and also help each other to gain them.

During Asian Games 2018 torch relay, the Wildlife of Ragunan, Jakarta held an exhibition for Bawean Deer. That’s because they have Bawean Deer collection in order to interest people for coming. For Jakarta people who want to see the Bawean Deer nearly, they don’t need to go to Bawean. They can see it in Ragunan. From this event, the official of wildlife Ragunan also campaigning about Bawean Deer which threating endangered now. They hope that people can inform and spread it each other to take attention for this animal.

The official of Ragunan Wildlife relocated the Bawean Deer into the front of the zoo because the cage of Bawean Deer is in the back. So that is passes when torch relay event, the official of Ragunan Wildlife feels that they have to relocate the deer. The relocation held a view days before torch relay event, so the deer can adaptation with their new environment. There are 70 Bawean Deers with much age complexion in Ragunan now. The Bawean Deer which using as mascot is only maintain in Ragunan dan Bawean.

  • Using as batik’s ornament

Not only that the campaigning by people who already inform about how rare this animal is by complex way. The one of their way is from clothes. The clothes and animal can collaborating become great creation which contain loud of voice about preservation. A man from Gresik creating batik Bawean Deer ornaments. This cause by Bawean Deer as mascot in Asian Games 2018 which can inform people about it, so the people know that Bawean Deer is threating extinct. Not only that spirit, the ornament also beautiful so makes people want to own it. Batik of Gresik called as Batik Pamitulo. On this batik there are ornaments which containing nature source of Gresik including Bawean Deer.

So that was a view things you have to read about Bawean Deer. They are on of our endangered animals and we have to protect them. First of all we have to do is get closer with them. So hopefully it was help you a lot to get closer with Bawean Deer.