6 Effective Tips For Beginners On Raising Broiler Chickens

Nowadays, people are interested in becoming broiler chickens farmer. The high benefits are calling for everyone to pioneering this business. Many young people tried this business by formal and informal way. They use the internet mostly to gain the information about raising broiler chicken. As other beginners which felt confused and dizzy to started, it is so normal when it face up the new thing. The beginners should try with the easiest thing first before turn to the next level which surely harder from the level before. Easy isn’t mean effective forever. So this is important to make the firstly level is easy and effective. So this is 6 effective tips for beginners on raising broiler chickens that beginner should know.

The tips are organized as two main materials. The first is the source of the information, and the second is the equipment and the way that you need to know. Here the explanation

The source information

Well the information is limitless to access nowadays. With internet and mass media, now everyone can get the information free. The tutorials for beginners on raising broiler chicken can accessed by video and some websites. If you feel you need more information, you can take informally-school with senior farmer directly. Some perception says that learn by senior directly is the most effective way to get the point because the knowledge is still fresh and absolutely up to date. The people who are familiar with real condition can tell you the problem and also the benefit clearly. You can interview the senior of broiler chicken farmer directly to learn from their experience to gain your business. You better choose the right one which want to share the experience with you. Considering about free time of them to make your interview effective and you can learn something from him.

The equipment and the ways

  • Choose superior chicks

All types of farm business such as how to raise broiler chicken and choose superior chicks are important factors and determine the success or failure of farm business especially for beginners. Choose the superior chick doesn’t mean you have to choose the big one, but you have to choose the one which high quality. It must be health and fresh. The good quality is also determines the ability to life survive. Also, the quality determines the health mentality. The superior chicks guarantee for quickly raise process and good result. Beside selective for the chicks, make sure the sires also have active movements even thought their bodies are very fat. Also, make sure the feathers are shiny and clean. There is not much dirt in the nostrils and also the ass. And, for the most ideal chicks are 39 grams.

  • The cage

The beginners should make sure the cage is spacious so the broiler chicken can move freely and actively. Besides, make sure the cage also get enough sunlight and adequate ventilation to increase the growth of broiler chicken. Also, make sure the cage has good sewerage and the cage should be given a strimin wire to make the poop of broiler chicken can fall down directly and not mixed with food or drink. The temperature of the cage must be considered and adjusted for the age of the chicken. You better avoid mixing adult broiler chicken with chicks because it can adversely affect the chicken’s growth. For the temperature of cage for chicks 1-17 days old in 32-34 C, for chicks 8-14 days old is 27-29 C and if it is increase, then the temperature must also be reduced to makes the broiler chicken can grow healthy.

  • Food

Broiler chickens must also get adequate food nutrients such as fat, protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins to produce high-quality meat. The most widely used is feed concentrate or BR, but you can also give feed in the form of seeds and bran. For height of the feed and drink place, it should be hung as high as a chicken breast. Don’t forget to wash the drinking water every morning.

  • Provision of vaccinations and vitamins

The vaccine used for broiler chickens are an inactive vaccine with the same sub type in healthy poultry which is also good for how to treat the sick chicken. Broiler chicken can be given a vaccine when they are 4 days old by sub-injection. How to administer the vaccine can also be done by eye drops, nose drops, injection or spray method. But of all methods of administering vaccines, eye drops and nose are the easiest methods to do. While for the complete vaccine delivery schedule, you can see the steps below:

  • 3-4 days old chicken is given an ND strain F vaccine and each one chicken is given one dose [1 ml]
  • 10 days old chicken given the Gumboro vaccine at the recommended dosage
  • 21 days old chicken is ND strain F vaccine and each chicken were given 1 dose [1 ml]
  • 42 days old chicken is ND strain K vaccination (komanacox) is the last ND administration

Whereas for the schedule of administration of minerals, vitamins and also antibiotic drugs are:

  • Vitamins, minerals, and antibiotics which are anti-stress drug can be given to chicks 1-2 days old
  • For 3-5 days old are given food ingredients that contain vitamins and minerals/supplement feeds
  • For 6 days old and more are given a blood defect disease [coccidiosis], namely coccidiostat. This medicine is given regularly on 3 consecutive days, and then 2 days stop and so on.
  • Air ventilation settings

To regulate the temperature of broiler chicken such as chicken in the rainy season, the first week is between 34 and 35C which will then be reduced gradually until the second week around 23C and the third weeks 29C. After that, the heated can be released when the chickens has started to grow big and strong. As for the ventilation arrangement of the enclosure, the enclosure curtain is completely closed in the first week. After entering the second week, the wall cover can be opened 1/3 of the top. And then, proceed with opening 2/3 of the curtain in the third week and removing the entire curtain in the fourth week.

  • Recording

Recording must be done every day with several stages in raising broiler chicken to obtain data on the number of chickens raised, feed consumption such as the amount of feed given and also leftovers, vaccinations, giving vitamins and other medication activities and weighing. This activity is so important for you beginners to know about the result. As people who don’t have any experience before, this recording can helps you to control and maintain your broiler chicken business farm. Also, this data is also for record the movements of the broiler chicken grow. It also had big impact as set plan to decide the next strategy to increase the growth. The data record absolutely can help you when the pest attacked your broiler chicken. You can count the loss to design new strategy for closing the impact of pest-attacked.