How To Easily Raise Broiler Chick

Broiler chicken is a kind of chicken which is raised to fill the necessary of chicken meat. Even the main treatment isn’t nearly different when raising other kind of chickens, there are some special treatment to raise broiler chick. As we know that the farm of the broiler chicken forced to provide much of chicken meat with short time. They are surely using for some formula to raise it as soon as possible. This formula is also used for pushing the payment of production. If you want to raise broiler chick easily, you need to read this information even if you aren’t farmer.

Something you need to know

If you want to started broiler chicken farm, you better choose the high quality broiler chicks. The more quality of broiler chicks, the more you got broiler chicks which had high ability to survive and health mentality. After that, you are also balance the treatment during their growth. Don’t kill the quality moreover kill the broiler chicks using by bad treatment of you. You can easily buy the chicks in animal market trade. You are also can find it on farm directly or try to raised it when it was still egg. You can ask the farm to help you during rising time. Don’t feel too hard to ask or tell your farm if you face some troubles. You can also watch the tutorials video if you feel need more for information.

Beside you need the equipment to raise the chicks, you have to need time to care them, spirit to raise them, and also you need to space to place them. If you don’t have any time to treat your chicks, you better ask for someone to handle it. If you don’t have any spirits to raise them, you better stop your act. It doesn’t mean this is hard rude perception, but this is related with creature’s life. It also harm you as property if your fail for raise them. If you don’t have any space to place them, you better managing your space first before really take the chicks. Because when you decided to start raise the chicks, the chicks which you bought isn’t came for small number. Everything that you raised for is to breed and the number population will have straight compare with the age. The more adult one kept in your hand, it will move become ten or thousand, it depends on your effort and decided to raise it or not.

The steps

Here will explaining to you how to easily raise broiler chick. The tools below are the main equipment that you have to install.

  • Brown sugar solution

You can give a brown sugar solution to make the chicks become energized. The glucose content in brown sugar can make chicks not weak and become energizer especially after a long journey. As mention before that you can find the chicks over the animal market or buy it in farm directly. It surely has near away between your house or selected located to raise the chicks and the farm itself. So after the long journey, the chicks (which is usually 1 day old) feels so weak inside the box car. The chicks need additional energy so that it can continue to move swiftly. Only after drinking the brown sugar solution, you can enter the chicks into the litter cage that you have prepared before.

  • Closed Enclosure

The ideal chick enclosure are closed and doesn’t make the wind too big on enter. That’s because the chick can’t adapt the too strong wind. Therefore on some sides of the cage it must be completely closed. Unlike the adult chicken, the more smoothly the air coming out, it’s getting better. For the top part, you can use the stainless wire to make the air exchange still exist. Besides, you can still monitoring it with invisible top. So you can get two benefits in it.

  • Lamp

You must guarantee the safety of the broiler chicks by installing lights. This lamp is useful for avoiding the chick from various other animal attacks such as mice or cats. Besides being able to make the body of the chick warmer, the bulb is also useful to help the eyes of chicks at night because the chicks are blindness night.

  • Nutrition feeds

This method is the main basic if you want to rising both of chick and adult chicken. But there is different feed to chicks. The chick can’t eat the hard feed, so it is important for you to feed the chicks the powdery food. Besides choose the powdery one, you surely must choose the feed which balancing nutrition for chicks. It helps for chicks to growth quickly and also keeps the nutrition needed of chick. Put the feed in plastic place to make the chick eat it easily. And don’t forget to give it regularly.

  • Vaccine

Vaccines are one of the important things in chick care. The reason is, without vaccine, the chick will be easily affected by various diseases. The disease which mostly attacked the chick is bacterial infection, viral transmission, and fungal affected. For chick, the vaccine will be given in the form of non-injectable eye drops. Don’t forget to give vitamins regularly to make the chick’s immune system more stable. The vitamin will make the chick healthier. The vaccine given is not only for chicks, but also for adult chicken. But the intensity for chick is higher than adult chicken. That’s because the opportunity for disease infection is higher for chick than for chicken. As we know that the chick are still weak and need for monitor, so it is important to farmer for keep an eye to them.

It is supported by find case which said that the chick are really infected easily over the disease. Even the cure is relatively quick, but it’s better to prevent them because the transmission of disease is also high in internal chicks. You can find the vaccine in equipment seller, animal husbandry department, or animal market trade. You will face with many vaccines for chicks. The vaccines are available with many prices, from the cheap and pricey. You need to know that the pricey one isn’t guarantee for quality, also like the cheap one isn’t bad quality. All are depended your necessary, and is it suitable for your chick’s condition or not?

  • Brooder

The chick are requires warmers that are useful to warm the body. Adjust the temperature of the brooder correctly not too cold and also not too hot. Brooder is very necessary in the rainy season, especially when the air is extreme, too cold or too hot. The brooder came for balancer over the weather. Without this brooder, the chick will feel cold and endurance of the body becomes weak. This weakness of the body is make the disease came in and attacked the chick. The chick which attacked by some diseases will weaker and moreover ended by death.