8 Tips On How To Take Care Of A Puppy At Night Time

Yipee…..I finally have a puppy. I am very happy, I am very excited. But wait…….are you sure you will still feel happy after experiencing it for a few nights? Are you ready to take care of your puppy? Because a puppy is like a baby. You will have to spend your time taking care of him just like you are taking care of your baby. You have to spend your time, your energy, your money and your mind for him to grow healthy and happy. This bundle of joy will require your sacrifices and will return it back with his love

Taking care of a puppy at night time is easy though it’s time-consuming. You will need patience, energy, time and extra love to give your puppy

The first nights will be the crucial time for the puppy, hence, ensure to make a comfortable home for him to feel happy and to feel home sweet home with you. Bear in mind, to put their needs in their early age and first nights home. And sometimes in special case, you will need to read this 4 Important Tips to Take Care of A Puppy Without Its Mother

You must remember that a puppy needs a space of his own. Let him wanders around your house to be familiar with his new surrounding. Let him sniff and smell his new home. Let him feel at home. And let him know his own name. Yes….you should introduce his name to him.  You will be excited when he can respond to you whenever you call his name.

Spare lots of time and energy with your puppy. Make him feel at home. Give him a lot of attention when he is quiet, fuss and give him a praise whenever he wees outside, feeds him often and regularly, and don’t be angry in clearing up his accidents. When he is sleepy and dozing in your arms, talk softly with him. Call his name gently and often as he eats and as you cuddle him. Be patient and calm, and he will too.

Here are some tips on how to take care of a puppy at night. And this might give you more insight knowledge about the puppy. Here we go, 4 Tips To Take Care Of A Puppy When You’re Out To Work

1. Comfortable crate

The first thing you must prepare is his crate. Make sure it is comfortable. Put a towel or a used newspaper. But not too much of it inside as he can be trampled. Put the crate near you so you can monitor him at night.  Consider the temperature and season of the year when choosing the right bedding for your pup.

When making him a crate, pay attention to the safety and the sturdiness. It will be better to put your old shirt on it as he will feel closer to you and he will grow his trust in you along the time. You can similar article about it in 6 Easiest ways of caring puppy at home for beginners

2. Sleeping arrangement

Set a place, the same place for your puppy to sleep to prevent him from confusing because of his keep changing sleeping spot. Avoid places where your air conditioner breezes to or near the window. Puppy need warmth. During their first nights, you might want to consider to put their crate near you to make it easier to check on them when they need something.

If you allow your puppy to sleep with you since the beginning, your dog will sleep with you all their life. It is not wrong with sleeping with your dog as long as you are the one who makes the choice. You must remember, if your puppy isn’t trained well with potty training, you might end up having a soggy mattress.

3. Activity during the day

This is a must do in the day. Tire your puppy during the day. Take him to play hard. Train him with your commands. Make him busy and active during the day. Take him out for exercise and scenery walking outside. Let him be playful and cheerful. He is at the age where his curiosity takes place. Let him get familiar with his environment. This activity will make your relationship with your puppy growing stronger. Remember, a tired puppy is a good puppy.

4. Potty before bed

According to his age, a puppy typically unable to hold his urine much longer than a few hours at a time. A puppy who doesn’t need to go will sleep much longer than the one who has emergency needs at night. Hence, make sure to empty his bladder before bed. Don’t feed him any meal or water after his last business. Make him get used to going to sleep with an empty bladder. Not only it will make him sleep comfortable, it will also make your night peaceful.

5. Exercising before bed

After he is busy with his activity during the day, having a little bit of exercise before his bed is also a good option to tire your puppy out. Short distance walking is better than playing and make him exciting. Because when it is time to sleep, he will still feel the excitement and still want to play some more.

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6. Calm and coziness

Playing some calm music and dim the light can become a good option to let the puppy know that it is time to rest at night. Make this as a routine to make him understand that when the calm music plays and the light is dimmed, then it is time to be quiet and to sleep.

Sue Raimond, who is the first person to initiate harp enrichment/therapy for pets, mentioned that soft music can relieve the puppy’s stress levels and will relax him to fall asleep.

7. Crying

When you hear your puppy crying and whining at night, do a quick rundown of possible distress he could be experiencing. He might want to pee. Take him out to relieve himself. And it is good for you to soothe him (to pat him and to speak gently) and to show him your love before going back to sleep.

If your puppy continues to whine and to cry, a gentle shake by his scruff along with a firm ‘hush” could be applied to calm him down. Some trainers suggest having a metal can be filled with marbles ready near you. When your puppy howls, shake the can and say ‘hush’, signaling him to stop crying. He will understand that shaking the can with marbles is the way for him to be quiet.

8. To love his on companionship

This means that even though he is alone, he should feel good.  This independence will grow gradually when you train him to stay alone during your working time in the day. He will get used to be alone, to play alone and still feel happy about himself. Not only him, you will also be happy to see your puppy happy

These 8 tips on how to take care of a puppy at night might help you a lot in some arrangements. And your bundle of joy will bring the happiness for the other members of the family too.

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