2 Treats You can Make at Home for Your Guinea Pig

A lot of people put their interest on rodent species to keep as pet. Why not though, these animals are adorable and surprisingly would be a good pet to watch and keep! Let’s take examples such as chinchillas, hamsters, and guinea pigs, they’re all cute little animals that worth to keep inside your house. Not only these types of species, some people really keep other rodents species such as mouse, mice, and even the “hardcore” type of species, the rat!

Well, it’s all the matter of taste I think, and who am I to judge? It’s absolutely your decision. However, true fact, some people did not know that guinea pig is different from hamsters, although they do have similar appearance features. If you, in any case was one of the people, I would recommend you to visit this article: how to differentiate the guinea pig and hamster. Yes, the two animals are classified as different species, so from now on, do not mistaken these two as the same species, my dear friends!

Furthermore, we do understand keeping an animal we should prepare to fulfill her primarily needs, from new habitat included the cage, the toys, and all the accessories to keep her entertains. This is important to maintain the emotional and physical stability. Most of the people would provide several toys such as igloos for guinea pig’s hiding place, and for the exercise ball to keep them physically move every day.

But, let me recommend you to choose the ball which need the push and knocked out to play then the one that let your guinea pig roll from the inside, because generally, guinea pig spines aren’t designed to move backwards, and if you let her do the backwards movement, you would hurt them and could be cause permanent damage inside the body. Yes, this is dangerous and should get more your attention.

Beside these external items, you the one that need the preparation is the foods. You need to know the perfect foods that could fulfill all the nutrient that is needed by guinea pig’s body. Not only the primarily foods, you also need to provide them some treats sometime, because like all other creatures, they could be bore too my friend. If you doubt about the ingredients of the treat that sell out there, you could make your own treat for your beloved guinea pig!

So, today, we would give you recipes of 2 treats you can make at home for your guinea pig. Let’s check it out!

Treat for the Guinea Pig

It is very important to feed guinea pig with variety of food to prevent the boredom. The worst thing that could happen if your guinea pig are trap into the boredom is the lack of appetite to eat. Most of the people would provide variety of treats such as vegetables beside their primarily food like grasses.

For the vegetables, you could give them basil, asparagus, chicory, celery, carrot without the top, parsley, cucumber, tomatoes, eggplants, dill, radishes, turnips, cilantro, and bell peppers. Please don’t forget to remove the seed my dear friends. Beside the vegetables, you could give them fruits as treats! But, do remember, only give them small amount of fruits because the majority of fruits are contained with high amount of sugar.

You could provide variety of fruits, start from pears, apples, black and blueberries, grape fruit, oranges, watermelons, cantaloupes, peaches, mangoes, nectarines, bananas, and kiwis; just the same as vegetables, please make sure that you remove the seeds first. Furthermore, beside these fruits, do you know that you could make some homemade recipes for your beloved guinea pig? Here are 2 treats you can make at home for your guinea pig!

1. The Freeze Treat

For the freeze treats, there are three important ingredients you need to prepare: apple, carrot, and cucumber. You need approximate about one wedge of apple, two carrots, and three cucumbers. For the cucumber, you should leave the seeds. The next step is wash the fruits and vegetables to remove all the bad particles from its bodies, and cut it in big chunk.

Then, blend all of the ingredients in a blender, stop until all of those are blend smoothly. After that, you could pour the blend ingredients to ice tray, cover it with plastic and freeze it into the freezer until it is freeze. If the ingredients are frozen, pop them up and put them inside plastic bag and put them into freezer again.

However, before you serve it to your guinea pig, let it thaw first, because guinea pig couldn’t eat cold food and probably it would only cause the gut upset. Let the freeze food thaw out with the temperature of bowl and container, and after it’s not too cold, you could let your pet to eat it.

2. The Baked Treat

To make baked treat, you need these ingredients: 2/3 a cup of vegetable water or broth, one cup of guinea pig pellets, two tablespoons of honey, one cup of oat flour, and six tablespoons of vegetables oil or it would be better to use olive oil. However, it is important for you to consider give this treat occasionally because it contained high amount of oil and honey. To could make some variation of other ingredients such as carrot, spinach, parsley and other fresh vegetables.

After all those ingredients are complete, then prepare the oven on three hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you preheat the oven, so whenever the ingredients are ready, you could directly put the ingredients into the oven. Furthermore, you need to mix all of the ingredients as one mixture; stir it until it turn into a dough form. The mixture must be solid to be shape.

Then, after the dough was form completely solid, roll it in to a flat sheet. After that, you could cut and cop it in the shape that you want, whether it’s square or circle, or you could simply use cookie cutter to shape it into small piece of cookies. But, do remember, the cookies should be small to make it easier to eat.

Put the cookies are ready, put it into bake sheet – don’t forget to put parchment paper into the pan sheet, then put the pan sheet into the oven for twenty minutes. After the cookies are done, put it aside to cool it down. However, to the best way to keep the cookies are freeze them into the fridge; then you could take it out whenever you want to feed it to your beloved guinea pig. What a yummy treat!