3 Igloos for Your Guinea Pig’s Hiding Place

Rodent could be a good pet, my friends! Let’s take the examples of several famous rodent species to be pet, such as hamsters: start from the golden hamster and the black hamster. Then, we just call the cobayes, and then the guinea pig! Yes, these rodents are famous for being adorable pet inside people house. Are you one of those people who love rodents as pet? Well, I totally understand you my dear friend, who on earth would not fall in love with this tiny ball of fur creature? I guess no one (unless you are not an animal lover).

However, although guinea pig and hamster are totally different species, surprisingly, a lot of people mistaken them as the same species. Guess what, they are not! For you people, who didn’t know the different between both of these rodents, you should check this article out: how to differentiate the guinea pig and hamster. Furthermore, taking care animals would always burden with a lot of responsibility; yes, because you are taking care a living creature not an object.

You need to make sure you provide all their needs: foods, water, houses, new habitat, and etc. You need to put all the attention to their health; provide them the perfect healthy diet everyday, makes sure you clean the cage frequently, and also, making sure that they are do some exercise! Wait, do guinea pigs need to exercise? They certainly do! Exercise was one of the way to maintain guinea pig’s physical conditions stable. Note this, there’ a lot of illness and disease lurking your beloved pet.

If you’re not make them maintain their immune system inside the bodies by doing some exercise, it’s the same that you are killing your beloved animals slowly. I know this sound really cruel, but it is true. However, you could never told them to exercise, but you could trick them to play some fun “toys” which are could help them to do some exercise, such as the ball. To learn more about the importance of the ball, you could check this article out: should we buy exercise ball for guinea pig?

However, if physical needs are fulfilled, then what about the psychology side? Yes, keep them entertain everyday also the subject you need to pay attention. Provide them a lot of toys and accessories was one of the way to keep them happy and full. Moreover, what about giving them the igloo to be hiding place for your beloved guinea pig? So, we would give you 3 igloos for your guinea pig’s hiding place!

What is Igloo?

Igloo is a named for a snow house or snow hut that ordinarily would be found in Antarctica. Igloo in real life was made from snow especially when the snow was in easy conditions to compact. Most of the time igloos are associated with specific tribes of Antarctica such as Eskimo or Inuit peoples which are know as the inhabitant of Greenland’s Thule area and Canada’s Central Arctic. Not only snow, Inuit people attend to use hides and whalebone as the main construction inside the snow.

Igloo also often seen in cartoons which is shaped mostly as semi-circle building with only one door as the entrance; and yes, this is also the real shape of igloo in real life. But, however, this is had nothing to do with the igloo that we would talk about. The igloo mostly was a name for the hiding place and home shelter for guinea pig.

This guinea pig’s item is shaped similar to the real igloo(could be in different shape) but only made from different materials, because of course you couldn’t make it from the snow. So, let’s take a look the 3 Igloos for your guinea pig’s hiding place!

1. Plastic Igloo

Plastic Igloo would be our first igloo to discuss, because this igloo is the most common igloo you would found on every pet stores out there. Plastic igloos are mostly shaped as the real snow house with a little extra touch on top of its roof that similar to the brick of fortress; make it looks strong and stern.

Moreover, plastic igloos are available in many different colors and sizes; you could easily adjust it with your beloved guinea pig. The other benefit of plastic igloo is that easy to clean and stain resistant. You want to try? You could buy it via only or just purchase it on the pet stores. It’s very easy to find.

2. The Rattan Igloo

Rattan igloo would be a great idea for the safe shelter and guinea pig’s hiding place. It environmentally friendly and well-absorb to temperature; unlike the plastic igloo that easily heat up when the temperature is high. Moreover, rattan igloo is safe when your guinea pig try to chomp it because it was made by natural materials that at least softener than other material such as plastic.

The rattan igloo is available in different variant of shapes and size. It could be shaped as tunnel and it could be shape as the real snow hut. But, mostly you would found it shaped as tunnel. Furthermore, a lot of owners has given good reviews about this igloo and I believed you would not regret purchasing it for your beloved guinea pig. In Amazon, this igloo is sold around $9.77, a very good price isn’t it, my friends?

However, the rattan igloos also come with issue, it cannot stand very long, because it easily unravels especially with the frequent chomp by your little guinea pig. But, overall it’s a very good and safe product!

3. The Wooden House Igloo

The last of our list is the wooden igloo. These igloos are strong and could be a good house for your little one. It also has a good absorb ability more than the plastic one, but do remember to check it before you purchase it. Make sure there is no sharp point that could hurt your pet.

It also recommended checking the surface of the wood; makes sure its smooth and soft as possible, if not it also could injure your beloved guinea pig! In Amazon, wooden house igloo sell around $10 to $15, but you could also but it on pet stores that might be available in cheaper prices.