3 Types of Hay Holder to Assist your Guinea Pig

Taken care adorable fluffy animal perhaps become most of the peoples wishes. A lot of people want to keep animal in their houses, some people prefer to keep adorable animals species like cats, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and some dog’s breed; but some of them prefer the tough kind of look animals species, such as some dog’s breeds and reptiles. But, no matter what kind of animal do you have, the proper guidance of nursery must be done.

But, of course, we would minimize our topic today – just only for guinea pigs. Yes, become of of the most preferable animal to be pet, guinea pig guidelines of nursery was easy to search. The first thing you must be prepare before bring guinea pigs into your house is the cage, new habitat and home of theirs. Then, all the other life support tools to put inside the cage such guinea piggy bedding, water and food container, and some toys as guinea pig’s amusement (so, you won’t make the bore).

Make sure the cleanliness of the cage and environmental, and the last is provided proper healthy dietary menu for them. As the usual, there are the food that allow feeding to guinea pigs, and there are foods we must avoid to give guinea pig; and as the owner, you must really selective to choose the right ones. Furthermore, guinea pigs are herbivorous; their food preference most likely similar to rabbits and hamsters. They crave grasses, greens, vegetables, and fruits.

If you’re a beginner, here’s some of the guidelines for the foods: best fruits for guinea pig and the best veggies to maintain guinea pig’s nutrition. Most importantly, foods that contained with a high level of carbs for guinea pig is disaster. It would only bring more disadvantage than the benefits; so be selective my dear friends. However, due to make it easy for owner, there’s a lot of tools was invented to help the daily life of guinea pigs; one of them called hay holder, of some people also called it hay rack.

Yes, you might already capture the use of hay holder; it used as the hay container inside the cage. You just need to put some fresh hays into the hay holder and let your guinea pigs eat whenever they want. There are many variants of hay holder available, but now we would learn more about 3 types of hay holder to assist your guinea pig. So, let’s take a look!

Hay Holder or Hay Rack

Hay holder or hay rack is the light metal or wooden container or structure for feeding the animals. Hay rack might be comparable to manger which is used as the livestock and farm animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, and horses feeding receptacle. Ordinarily, hay holder or hay rack was place closer to mineral lick (water container) to easier your pet animal to get the water after feeding time.

This item was important; it helps you to provide the amount of food guinea pig need, because obviously you can’t always present for them. So, you would not let this little friend of yours starve inside the cage. As I mentioned above, that there are 3 types of hay holder to assist your guinea pig that commonly provide in pet stores or online stores.

1. The Hanging Hay Holder

Commonly, hanging hay holder was made with two common materials, the metal, plastic, and wood. This hay holder would be place hanging on one side – inside the cage. This type of holder was the most common hay holder to find and also the most preferable type of people. Apparently, the hanging hay holder available in many variant colors and shapes; so, the used it’s only for feeding purpose, it also used as the accessories that made the cage more beautiful and charming.

The hanging hay holder mostly shaped as the shopping cart (well, if I look closer again, it really looks like it). If it was made of metal, the pattern was totally the same as the ordinary metal shopping cart on the supermarket. So, let see the benefit of each material.

  • The Metal: it was very easy to maintain the metal hanging hay holder to keep it safe for your guinea pig. It also could reduce the amount of waste hays, easily attach on any kind of metal cage. Very durable, secure, and powder-coated wire build. The last, it was equipped with lock lid (include salt-lick). Make sure that no sharp edges before you purchase it, or it could harm your pet.
  • Plastic and Wood: it was made from solid plastic and wood. The benefit for using this type of materials are minimizing the waste hays and less-mess than the wire (which has the gaps) because it was solid which no gaps in each wall at all. Furthermore, it was made from non-toxic wood, very easily to install no matter the cage’s material is, and available in many different sizes.

2. Standing Hay Holder

Standing hay holder was the manger mini-size. Mostly, it was made from the wood – but the plastic one is also available. It could be shape as the fire camp type of structure (a pile of woods which manage to shape as a square structure), or shape as the real manger which a solid wood in every side. Standing hay holder is put on the ground of the cage, and advantageous for the beauty of environment.

This hay holder was made from friendly material, a hundred percent of wood, very easy to clean, and aesthetically have a beautiful modern design. Standing hay holder is easy to find in the pet stores and even the online stores; it’s available in different sizes so you could adjust it with the cage’s size.

3. The Homemade Hay Holder

The last type of hay holder is homemade hay holder. Yes, for you creative people, you could try to make hay holder for your own hands. Most of the homemade hay holder was utilized the unused materials around you, such as a bottle, jar, and even fabric. Some people designed it as hanging pocket (made by fabric), some people use their unused food container as the hay holder.

They circle-cut the food container right in the middle, for the food-taking slot, and then furnish it by painting the whole container body. Some people cover the body with fabric and other trinkets accessories. You could pour out all the idea to make the hay holder based on your personal taste. Very interesting, isn’t it my friends?