10 Types of Freshwater Lobster that You Need to Know

Lobster is one of the most consumed marine animal, besides its savory with soft texture meat turns out it contain some nutrition that is useful for our body. Here are some lobster benefits that is good for your body :

  • Multivitamins

One of its benefits is to fulfill our body vitamin needs. That is why lobster in the list of expensive food, besides it is difficult to raise, it is also contains of high multivitamin.

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  • High of Protein

Besides for body multivitamins, it is also contains of high protein. Its meat contains protein that is more than protein in chicken or beef meat. This take quite a big role to form bone, teeth, muscle and also skin. 

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Types of Freshwater Lobster

1. Rainbow Papua Lobster

This first type of lobster is Rainbow Papua Lobster, it is a freshwater lobster or crayfish that is come from Indonesia. This lobster is stated as a new species of lobster and also one of the most beautiful lobster in the world and a lot of people liking it.

2. Dark Rainbow Lobster

The second type of lobster in this page is Dark Rainbow Lobster, its name a little bit similar but they’re different. This type also known as Red Brick Crab, Red Chili Hummer. Dark Rainbow Lobster could live in water temperature around 15-26˚C and with pH level around 6,5-7,5

3. Dark Blue Yabby Lobster

How about this one? Yeah, Dark Blue Yabby Lobster is a type of lobster which has dark blue color features. But when it grows and reach 5 inch in height, its skin will turn deeper in color.

4. White Lobster

Just like its name this lobster has white color skin as its features. You might need to know that it is also known as Procambarus Clarkii. Looking at its color, this type of lobster is really suitable for woman

5. Zebra Lobster

Zebra lobster also type of lobster that is interesting to have. Its unique color make it more attractive. It is also known as Cherax Sp. and it is still in group with Cherax Boesemani that is in Papua.

6. Astacopsis Gouldi

For the next type we have Astacopsis Gouldi which is a decorative lobster well known as Tazmania Giant Freshwater Lobster. This lobster has deep brown color, especially on the body, claw and on its head. Besides this lobster also has a bigger size compare to other types of freshwater-lobster.

7. Red Lobster or Procambarus Clarkii

For the next type of lobster is Red Lobster or Procambarus Clarkii that come from Cambaridae family. This lobster features is, its whole body has a red brick color for male. Besides female has a orangey-red color.  

8. Red Claw or Cherax Quardicaritadius

The next type of lobster, you can call it Red Claw, This lobster still classified as Parastacidae family. The name Red Claw come from its red colored claw. This lobster also suitable to be aquacultured in temperature around 20-24C

9. Marron or Cherax Tenumanus

Marron lobster is a type of lobster which has blue-purpleish color as its feature. That is the attractive point people would like to aquaculturing this Marron lobster or usually known as Cherax Tenumanus

10. Yabby or Cherax Destructor

The last type of lobster is Yabby which is still classified as Parastacidae. For its main features is it has a huge size of claw. Even it has a claw as big as its body. Its color is indeed beautiful, but unfortunately this lobster usually called as a destructor.

That’s all freshwater-lobster that you might want to know as a reference if you would like to farm and sell it to the market, because lobster has a quiet high selling price. Besides lobster, crabs also has a quiet high selling price which you can read on : How To Profit From Breeding Mangrove Crabs or Introduction To Breeding Mangrove Crabs. Hopefully it can be helpful.

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