4 Types of Kangaroos in Australia

Kangaroos are one of a kind animal that falls into the category of Marsupials. This animal originates from Australia but can also be found in other countries.

One of which is Indonesia where they have their own breed of kangaroos. In today’s article, we will showcase to you 4 types of kangaroos in Australia. Although they are not the most dangerous animals in Australia, they are still pretty tough and strong.

These kangaroos may differ from the food they consume and even up to the geographical location that they live in. These species are spread across Australia, and however they might be discovered living respectively in hiding.

This is because due to the hunting as well as illegal capturing of these animals. Hence, you’re probably not going to see them blending in nature that well. Instead most of these kangaroos can often be found on conservation areas around Australia.

Characteristics of Australian Kangaroos in General

Although they are both considered mammals, kangaroos have quite the differences from other kinds of mammals. Kangaroos are included in the class of marsupial mammals, meaning that the breeding process is continued in the pouch in the mother’s stomach. These new born babies would spend their first couple weeks and sometimes even up to months in their mother’s pouch.

Kangaroos are group animals from Australia that have very strong hind legs. In fact, a kick from a kangaroo can seriously injure the human body. On top of that, the kangaroo’s hind legs are used to move through incredibly fast hops.

Some even say that kangaroos are one of the fastest land animals. Scientists had found out that a kangaroo can jump as far as 8 meters in one jump. And on an average, the kangaroo movement speed can reach 60 km per hour.

The kangaroo’s legs can be moved separately and freely. This makes them incredibly flexible and in control of whatever they want to do. While the two front legs are also capable to be used to regulate the body’s balance in the water.

However, even though they are good at swimming, kangaroos do not like swimming. That’s why it’s rare to see kangaroos swimming in the wild. Not only in rivers or lakes, kangaroos are also adept at swimming in the sea. In the Australian wilderness, kangaroos will only swim if they are moving to another location across the river

  • Red Kangaroo

First up, we will bring you the largest kangaroo among some of the largest kangaroos in Australia. This kangaroo is considered as a dominant animal and it lives in different parts of Australia. For this particular kangaroo, you can find it in two main habitat. They are also considered as a nocturnal animal.

First up is in the outback of Australia which is near the Northern Territory. This kangaroo is often killed when it crosses the roads and get hit by a car. They are a massive creature and is named as a red kangaroo for a reason. The fur of the red kangaroo is colored as red. But that color is only for the male. And for the female kangaroos, they often look more grey.

  • Western Grey Kangaroo

Next up, we will bring you to a different part of Australia and with another type of kangaroo. The western grey kangaroo is a called as a special species. Because this type of kangaroo is known to be isolated in another part of Australia. Usually all of the other species of kangaroos can be found in mainland Australia.

This is because they are able to spread throughout the country geographically. But there is a special case such as the western grey kangaroo where these kangaroo comes from the kangaroo island. Not only that, this species of kangaroo is considered as a sub species of other kangaroos and is named as western grey.

Up to this date, there are not much species of other kangaroos in the kangaroo island. Kangaroo Island is a place that you need to visit. This is a very special place in which you can find many kinds of kangaroos. These kangaroos have no predators and it is basically their species that controls the entire island. Except for humans of course.

  • Kangaroo Rat

Ever thought that a kangaroo could be this small? Well a kangaroo rat is one of those nocturnal rodents. This animal can be found in other parts of the world but it mainly comes from Australia. Some of its unique characteristics involve that it is also able to hop. This animal depend on its two legs as a tool for mobility.

A kangaroo rat has four toes and they are considered as rodents. They have a typically small leg but also a large head. An adult kangaroo rat may weight up to almost 200 grams.

There is not much harm because the kangaroo rat is small in size. The kangaroo rats however is able to escape from all of its predators. This is done by leaping and jumping across with a distance of 7 feet.

  • Antilopine Kangaroo

An antilopine kangaroo has a rather slender face. It follows its name of “antilopine” which derives to looking like an antelope. The antilopine kangaroo lives on the tropical part of Australia. Hence it is not suited for cold weathers.

This species of kangaroo is considered as the typical type of kangaroo. It also has a pouch above its abdomen part of the body. One fun fact is that this particular kangaroo is a monogamous animals. So it will only mate with one partner.

The antilopine kangaroo has a triangle shape body. It has power legs that is equipped with a log of strength. One kangaroo can weigh up to 37 kilograms and the female would weigh up to 20 kilograms. They are a social animal and live in colonies.

Hence it is not seldom that you would see a colony of 30 kangaroos in one spot. While these animals do not have sharp teeth to fend off predators, they still have an incredible strength. It was found that a colony is able to withstand attacks from predators such as hyenas and other kinds of predators.