7 Ways to Choose the Right Dog Collar for Your Dog

Dog collar is material that put around the dog’s neck. It has many purposes, such as for dog’s identification, fashion, restraining, training, etc. There are many options, designs, and materials of dog’s collar. When you choose collar for your dog, you must want it to be the best choice. The ideal collar is easy to clean, highly visible, durable, comfortable, in the right size and safe for the dog. To be able to choose the best collar for your dog, you have to know these 7 ways to choose the right dog collar for your dog.

1. Consider Your Dog Size

The first of 7 ways to choose the right dog collar for your dog is to consider the size of your dog. Light and sturdy collars usually goes for small dogs because of its weight. Light collar is usually made of nylon or leather. If you have large dogs, you may need stronger collar that doesn’t break away easily.

2. The Purpose of Collar

To choose the right dog collar for your dog, you must first decide what your purpose to make your dog uses collar. Is it for identification tag, to train the dogs, or to make your dog looks good? If you already decide the purpose of your dog collar, you will be able to easily choose one of many collar option that suits your purpose.

3. Choose Collar Style

There are many style of collar, such as:

  • Traditional Buckle Collar

Traditional buckle collar has holes punched for size adjustment. It is like a human belt, but smaller in size. It is usually made of leather and doesn’t easily being snagged off.

  • Quick Release Buckle Collar

This collar comes with female and male buckle and tighten when being pulled on. It is easy to be removed and can be the safest option for dog that is going to daycare.

  • Safety or Center Ring Collar

This collar is common for hunting dog. It has O-shaped ring in the half way of each end. The O-ring is to provide pivot, for example if there are something stuck to the collar, the O-ring can give the collar flexibility so it won’t choke the dogs.

  • Martingale Dog Collar

Martingale collar is double-loop collars that is designed to tighten when the dog pulls. However, it is less likely to choke the dog. This collar is perfect to dogs that back out when using collar. It usually worn to train dog’s walking, so the owner gets more control over the dog. Martingale collars usually worn by dogs like Greyhounds whose necks are larger than their heads, since regular collars tend to slip off easily.

4. Choose Collar’s Material

The next of 7 ways to choose the right collar for your dog is to choose the collar’s material. After you choose the collar style, you may think about what material you want the collar to be made of. You may choose from the looks or durability, or you may also choose from materials that doesn’t cause allergy to dog’s skin.

  • Nylon

Nylon is the common materials for dog collars. It has many colors and designs. It is also soft and comfortable that is suitable for both small and large dogs. It easily gets stinky and doesn’t last long as other studier materials such as leather.

  • Waterproof Biothane

The waterproof biothane made from polyester material that looks quite like leather collar. It comes in many colors and patterns and super durable. It is waterproof, doesn’t easily get stinky and can hold extreme temperature changes. Waterproof biothane collar is perfect for active and outdoor dogs. It also has the variations that can glow in the dark.

  • Leather

Leather collar is elegant and give classic looks. Beside to give the fashionable looks, it is also durable. Leather collar is a bit more expensive. It can get soften over the time and the material can be exposed to oils in dog’s skin.

5. Choose The Color

The more visible the collar’s color, the more visible your dog become. If your purpose to get collar you’re your dog is for identification, then you may choose a bright color for the collar. Highly visible collar allows your dog to be easily seen, even in night. There are also collar that is made of LED which is good when your dog has morning or night walking routine.

6. Choose The Right Size

It’s also important to choose the right size of collar for your dog. Well fitted collar will not easily fall off nor choke your dog. To choose the right collar size you may need to consider your dog’s size and breed first. Some collars have labels recommending for certain breeds and size. Remember that choosing collar based on breed is not enough since every dog have different size, even they are in the same breed. If you want more accurate size, then you can measure your dog’s neck. You can use cloth measuring tape to measure your dog’s neck. Remember to keep the fur in mind. You should measure the dog right after it gets haircut. Give extra 1-3 inches to the measurement so it not too tight. Or you can just go to adjustable collar so it you can change the size easily.

Beside length, we also need to pay attention to the collar’s width. Wider collar is weight more and not suitable for small dogs. However, it can provide more support, make it not easily fall off and more comfortable because it will reduce the pressure in stronger dogs.

If you want to get the collar for growing dog or puppy, adjustable collar is recommended since the measurement will getting bigger over time and you may need to change the collar size in the future. Make sure the collar fits the smallest end so there is more room for the higher measurement since the puppy’s neck will grow. Make sure that it doesn’t have long dangling end since it can easily slip off. You may need at least two collars if your dog is still growing, one for when they are still growing and one for them in adult size.

Make sure that the collar is in the right size by trying it on your dog. Make sure it is not too loose or too tight and your dog feel comfortable to it. If your dog is small breed, you should be able to fit one finger under the collar. If it is medium breed, you should be able to fit 2 fingers, and if it is large breed, you should be able to fit 3 fingers. You may need to check the collar regularly if there is a change of your dog’s size such as because it is still growing, getting bigger or after having haircut. Also check your collar regularly if there is any broken part, metal rust, etc. If there is a broken part, you may need to repair it or replace the collar with the new one since it the broken part can hurt your dog’s neck.

7. Personalize The Collar

You may also personalize your dog’s collar. You can engrave, embroider, or emboss it with important information such as your dog name and your contact. There are also people that keep the vaccination information, for example on the dog’s collar.