How To Stop Your Dog From Lying Down During Walks

While your dog walks, it seems he is often tired and he always lying down during walks. So, how to stop your dog from lying down during walks? Below here are the tips on how to stop your dog from lying down during walks. But you have to see the reasons first in here some causes your dog suddenly seems tired. Let’s start to look at below here how to stop it.

1. What is the problem

First, you should know what is the problem, why your dog refuses you while walking or during walks. It can be he is tired, he needs water to drink because the wheater is very hot, or it can be your dog is sick even you did not train him well how to give the right command to your dog.

2. The right leash and collar

Have you used the right leash and collar? Please see your vet first or consult with your relatives before you use the leash and collar.  The proper leash it must fit but it is not too tight. The leash should be long enough, a length of 4 until 6 feet is the best.

3. How to familiarize your dog

Show to your lovely dog that this leash and collar his mine. Let him sniff around that thing. While he already has done to sniffs rub the collar and leash with your finger, your scent will be transferred to this collar. It will help your dog to familiarize.

4. The collar’s position

Adjust his collar in the right position, it is not too tight just fit. This area is very sensitive please do it gently. The dog knows that is the time for walking. If you do the walking time regularly, your dog will take his collars to you. Do not forget to say this before takes a walk, let’s go walk buddy.

5. Talk with your dog

Well, while walking your dog always stop or lying down during walks. How to stop your dog while lying down during walking? If your dog is small, you can grab him and hold it right. However, if your dog is big you can squat down and talk to your dog. Give your dog a command that he must walk or stand.

6. The special treats

The special treat is very effective to stop your dog while lying down during the walk. Maybe he needs something to eat to fulfill his energy. That is why you should bring one or two pack his snacks while walking. Do not forget to bring some fresh waters too, the weather today seems hotter than yesterday. This special treat will make your dog more energized and it will make him stops lying down during walks.

7. Train him with clicker

Do you train him well? So, you should try to train him with a clicker. It is the most effective way to train your dog for walks. With this clicker, your dog will stop lying down during walks. How to use the clicker?  Start click the clicker when you adjust the collar’s position and also the leash. After it gives him a treat because he does a great job. While during walks with your dog repeat this method and gives him a treat after it. It will make your dog stop lying during walks.

8. The right time to walk

What is the right time to walk with your dog? On the morning or in the afternoon is the best choice to walk with your dog. However, you should see the weather is good or not for the dog to walk. The hot weather or too cold is not recommended for taking your dog to walk. While the sun is on the head, it will make your dog tired and he will lose his energy faster. Bring much of water, cover her legs with boots.  and also wear him a hat, if you want to walk in the noon time.

9. He is afraid of something

Why our dog seems like lying during the walk? Maybe he is afraid of something. He is afraid of loud noise and also crowded people. So, how to make him stop afraid with the people? You should stay close with him, make sure the leash close to your body. It is to maintaining control, in here you are the leader it is not your dog. With this way, your dog feels more comfortable because he stays close to you.

10. Needs attention

Next, if your dog still lying during walks you should know what is the reason first. Maybe your dog needs more attention to you. He wants to play with you or he wants you to rub his fur gently. The first step is to talk with your dog, example what happened buddy? If your dog is small you can take and hold it right then loved him also gives him a treat. Your dog may be hungry because he lots walking and he loses much of energy.

11. He is bored

He is bored or maybe he is only tired, now. Gives him a special treat and invite him to play the frisbee with you. This is an effective way to make him away from bored. If you do not have fun with your dog, you can give your dog a chew toy. Choose the unique shape of chew toys such as bones, stars, balls, and others. He will play with his own.

12. Make a plan for a vacation

Last tips, maybe your dog needs a vacation. He does not want to walk around on the near around your house. He needs to refresh his mind, why do not you take him camping this summer? You can also see the tips on what you need to prepare for your dog’s first camping trip or you can take him to the beach, for your first trip to going to the beach check on this tips on several tips for taking your dog to the beach. So, what is your plan to take him a little vacation? Take some of your friends or relatives with you. It will fun and so memorable moments,

Hopefully, the above tips on how to stop your dog from lying down during walks can help you what you must to do. With these tips, it can reduce your dog’s bad habit from lying down during walks. It needs many times, patience and persistence to change his bad habit. So, do not ever to give up, okay. For more information about dogs you can also see it in here; the best dog food for dogs with skin allergiesthe vaccine effects on dogsthe common household items that terrify your dog, and also some signs of aging for our adorable dog.