7 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Smelly Dog Odor

Does your dog have a smelly dog odor? This is a problem that is very disturbing for you. Even, this smelly dog ​​odor can also smell in your home. Even though, you really love your dog like a family member. Of course, you might not like it if your dog smells. In fact, you don’t even know how to make your dog stop smelling. What can you do? However, you must be able to answer the question of why your dog smells.

Well, we discuss a little at the beginning, why dogs can smell. This is very important to know! The reason why dogs appear to smell more than other pets is that the dog’s body parts tend to produce the most odor, such as the ears, nose and paw pads. According to PetMD, dog skin produces oil which is an important part of healthy animals, but unfortunately, it has a different aroma (and not always pleasant).

There are many ways you might have tried to get rid off smelly dog odors, but it hasn’t been so successful. Sometimes, you try to hide the smell of your dogs with chemical air fresheners that fade in minutes. You have also taken regular baths and treatments for your dogs but they are not successful. The frequency of a shower too often makes your dog will have a skin or tooth infection, which causes him to smell less fresh.

Although it is difficult to get rid of smelly dog odors, it is possible to do so with little effort and strategic thinking. Below every owner of dogs will find 7 easy way to get rid of smelly dog odor. You can choose from the lists below that are needed to get the results you need.

1. Making a routine maintenance schedule

The only best way to keep your dog fresh is to bathe and dress regularly. It is important to bathe your dog at least once per month, especially if he spends a lot of time outside. Dogs have a different smell from humans. This smelly dog odor comes from glands in the ears and hair follicles. These odors are completely normal and healthy for dogs. But, you must not let the smell stick because it will become very unusual. Use a simple shampoo. Avoid abrasive shampoo because it tends to be dangerous for dogs because it can make the dog skin sensitive. Also avoid shampoo that is too fragrant, because this type of shampoo tends to have unnecessary chemicals. After bathing your dog with the appropriate shampoo, rub the dog’s body with a regular cloth so that your dog stays clean.

2. Cleaning the mouth of the dog

You might think that the smell of dogs only comes from their hair. You also have to remember that the dog’s mouth is also the second source of odor contributors. Dental infections often occur in dogs. The appropriate care and prevention of oral diseases are important for your dog. You can start organizing a schedule of vet visits to ensure proper dental and gum health. If you want to do a home care, you can brush your dog’s teeth regularly. If you are not used to brushing your dog’s teeth, now is the right time to start. It only takes a few minutes to brush your teeth properly. In addition, you can feed the tooth chew made specifically for dogs that can get rid of tartar and plaque. Good dental hygiene helps keep your pet healthy by preventing gum inflammation, and it makes his breath fresh.

3. Cleaning the dog’s ears

One source of surprising dog odor is his ears. Dog ears contain odorless glands, which can gradually accumulate the bacteria. If your dog has smelly ears, you need to make sure that the smell is not caused by yeast infections or ear lice infections. Just like teeth, you can schedule a vet’s treatment to clean your dog’s ears. Caring for dirty ears of dogs actually does not spend a lot of time. Home care is very simple, you can quickly clean it with mineral oil or baby oil. Use a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide and gently clean each part of your dog’s ear. Try not to use cotton to clean the inner ear canal. This will actually damage the eardrum. If your dog has an infection, it is best for your vet to do the cleaning. There will be more damage when trying to clean the ear canal if you do it alone.

4. Feeding the dog a healthy diet food

Diet plays a very important role in dog health. To help minimize bad breath, try also giving him a diet with high-quality foods that are rich in protein and healthy fats. Feeding a quality dog ​​food can overcome the smell of dogs from the inside out. Low-quality foods can contribute to how the skin and fur of the dog smell. High-quality pet food is more effective in the long run. Why? Because your dog doesn’t have to eat a lot to get all the nutrients he needs, and he eats less.

5. Using essential oils and baby wipes

You can use lavender essential oil that is safe for dogs. This oil helps make your dog smell amazing. Rub it directly into the skin directly, or spray it on the bed, sofa, carpet, and other places that have dog odors. Make sure you use high quality pure essential oils rather than cheap artificial oils. In addition, you can use a dog or baby wipes. This type of tissue is soft on the skin of your pet dog and will help it to smell. However, avoid using tissues around the eyes. Vinegar and water are other good perfumes for dogs. Fill the spray bottle with a comparison of 3:1, 3 for vinegar and 1 water. Shake it and then spray on your dog. Vinegar will not hurt him and will get rid of the smell of dogs. Make sure you don’t spray the mixture on his eyes or ears. You can also spray it to your dog’s bed to help keep it fresh.

6. Cleaning dirty dog ​​claws

Your dog often goes outside to play. When you go home, the dog usually carries the dirt and debris he gets while playing. This dirt is enough to contribute to unpleasant odors in dogs and in your home. You should already provide cleaning gloves to clean the claws before allowing them to enter the house.

Your dog might not smell like a rose, at least 7 easy ways to get rid of smelly dog odor above can minimize your dog’s current smelly dog odor and they could be as effective ways to keep your dog fresh. Good luck and have a nice try, dog lovers.