How Important Is Vaccination For Meat Ducks

To keep our duck healthy is not only our duty but it better be our goal. Even though we raise them to earn something such meat and egg, basically those things wouldn’t produce if they are feeling unwell.

For the farmer who rise the duck to earn meat, their main goal is how ever the way, the duck should be growth and bigger sooner. The farmer usually using any supplement to skip the time so the duck can be bigger quickly but it is surely not a vaccine.

Vaccine is a chemical liquid or we can call as medicine which formulated to increase duck’s immune become stronger so they can more protected by any disease. By giving vaccination, hopefully all diseases both comes by fungal, bacteria, and virus can be avoided so the time to be growing up of the duck didn’t less.

Vaccine has many shapes and applications methods when giving for duck. It can by injection, drink vitamin, food vitamin or single vitamin. To make it efficient, the farmer usually using injection or drink vitamin when giving vaccination. Vaccine isn’t only giving for the animal, cage is also vaccinated to gain healthy environment. Department of poultry health usually vaccinate both duck and their cage using something like spray tools to spread the liquid.

As narration above we can know about the urgency of giving vaccination especially for meat duck. Here will explaining completely for you why you must vaccination your meat duck. And like another information, for you who still beginner should know about this.

  • There is no really of life creature which be able to resistant towards virus

The one who resistant towards virus is the virus itself. Technically, life creature can’t resistant by virus. Their immune isn’t enough to mainly use for face the virus so ne need additional something to increase the strength. If there is life creature that be able to resistant of any virus then why virus research did and vaccine made? It surely uses for solution as any disease problem, right? Then why people claimed and highly can sure that they duck will safe and refuse vaccine? It is not logically thing that use any knowledge as basic, huh?

  • There is differences ability of each duck to face the disease

Same as living as duck, basically their ability to face disease attack. It is technically affected by genetical thing that you can’t avoid which they got from their parent. That’s why when you started to build poultry, duck seeding is really important and fundamental thing. By duck seeding process, you can decide what kind of duck you rise, what’s your goal to reach, and what kind of the cattle duck or laying duck that you want to rise. One of cattle duck that usually used to rise for earn the meat is peking duck. Peking duck chosen because it growing fast, more resistant of any disease and their meat is soft. Even though peking duck is more resistant of any disease, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need to vaccinate.

  • Disease really affect to duck body

The main goal of rise cattle is to earn the meat. Basically, when choosing cattle people would choosing the big one because logically they will get extra meat which is means it more profitable. As cattle duck farmer, you have to think by this way. You have to anticipate and think what would happened to your duck if they infected by disease. They are getting thin and surely their meat is thick. Not will make people interesting to choose. That’s why to prevent any disease, not only the cleanliness that should monitoring but also giving vaccine.

  • Sickness duck body isn’t good and safe well to consume

As mentioned before that disease that attacked cattle duck is really harmful and affect perfectly on their appearance and so does another kind of duck which usually rise for. No need to waiting until the duck sick, small or thin duck as appearance didn’t interesting so how about the sick one? Getting worse, right?

What ever your goal to reach of, war with disease is surely what’s we need to do. Every animal as same possibility to attacked by any disease. To decrease any possibility of disease transmitted, you need to separated it away. Place the sick one into another cage. It is like isolation cage, honestly. That’s why you need extra ground or space to make this point. But don’t worry, by limiting ground you can still build the cage effectively.

Scheduled vaccination should be managed because it wouldn’t give once. Vaccine also gives as the age of the duck. Baby duck has different kind vaccine with adult or maybe pregnant duck, or even new born duck. That’s why you have to know their age as well to deciding when they need to revaccinate.