12 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool When In Hot Weather

Summer is coming and it’s pretty hot out there. Not only to human, but also to the animals. Do you think our pets can handle this heat? Don’t worry about it. Here we will inform you ways to keep your dog cool when he is in hot weather.

It is very much important to take care of yourself in the heatwave. But it also applies to your dogs. Some dogs can stand the heat more than the other. However, do not neglect to protect them from the heat stroke. In this time of season, they need extra care and more liquid to hydrate them. Not only water but it is wiser to let them stay indoors and put them in shade when they are outdoor.

Before you take your dog outside, take this into consideration. If you think outside is too hot for you, then it is too hot for your dog as well. It would be better to cover their paws with special shoes for them to prevent the burn.

1. Don’t leave your dog in the car

When you bring your pet along with you in the car, do not leave them in the car alone even for a minute. The temperature inside the car in the summer can rise up to 39 degrees Celsius within 10 minutes. Even though you think outside is not hot, but the temperature in the car will a lot hotter than outside. It’s better to leave your dog home alone as it is much more comfortable for him there.

2. Air Conditioner or Fan

If you think your house is very hot, it will be better to turn on your air conditioner or your fan. The breeze will cool down your dog and he is not going to have a heat stroke inside your house. Close the curtain of your window to protect the sun shine directly into your house.

3. Water, water and water

This is very important. Have plenty of water for your dog to keep him hydrated. The hot weather may dehydrate them faster and they need plenty to replace the water in the body. It’s better if you put ice cubes in the water. The cool water is more favorable in the summer.

4. Wet towel or ice pack on the floor

Having these items ready will be welcomed by your dog. If you place wet towel or ice pack on the floor, he can lie comfortably on it to cool himself.

5. Choose the right time for the exercise

Choose the time when the sun is not too hot to have exercises with your dog. Either early morning or late at night. Personally, I think early morning is better as outside still chills from last night temperature. If you choose evening or night exercise, the pavement or the temperature might still be a bit warm. Choose grass over asphalt for your dog to walk. Booties for dogs are always a good choice to prevent their paws to burn. And don’t forget to bring a bottle of water for your dog to keep him hydrated and of course a bottle for you.

6. Outdoor or indoor

You can let your dog outdoor, however, offer plenty of shades for him. Don’t keep your dog in a dog house as it can trap the heat inside. Better let them out and play in your yard under the shade. If you have sprinkler, turn it on and let your dog be wet from the water. He will have fun chasing the water and be cool as well.

7. Water pool

Make water pool if you don’t have a swimming pool for your kids. There is no need to make a big one. A wide bucket filled with shallow water is enough. Put the pool under the shade and lead your dog inside of it. If the heat is too hot, consider filling some ice cubes into the pool. It’s going to be fun and cool to play water splash.

8. Treat cool treat

Try to make treats which are frozen to feed your dogs during summer heat. They will appreciate it so much just like us being treated with iced tea during hot summer. Cool treat chills your dog from the inside out. It will be fun if you make the ice cubes with tasty treats inside. Or you can make fruity cubes without sugar to prevent them from tooth decay.

9. Check the humidity regularly

You should check the humid regularly. If the air is too humid, it will be difficult for your dog to let out the heat inside their body to cool down. This could lead to heatstroke. Take them inside the house, let them calm and not to have too much activities. Lying down with the fan or air conditioner on is the best way to cool them off.

10. Grooming time

For some breeds who has long hair, it is good time to groom them and shorten the hair. Get rid the tangles and mats. Before cutting the hair short, find out the info to your vet or the groomer. Because what keeps the warm in cold weather also can cool them off in the heat. You can groom the dog in certain level where it won’t make them uncomfortable in the cold weather. It’s different if you stay in a country of tropical climate where you don’t have winter season. You better to keep the hair short to keep them cool in the hot weather.

11. Change of diets

If you feed your dog with dry food, it is the time to change it into canned meat as this kind of food offer more liquid than the dry one. Again, this type of food will prevent dehydration from your dog.

12. Pay more attention to at-risk dogs

If you have dogs like pug or bulldog who have a snub-nose, please pay more attention to them. Their airways are small that it is a bit hard for them to cool themselves through panting. Beside this kind of dog type, the old overweight dogs, or the ones with heart and breathing problem could easily get heatstroke. Take care about them closely and if you see any sign of discomfort, better consult with your vet.

Here are some signs of overheating. Your dogs will never be able to tell you when he is undergoing discomfort or sickness, so you are the one who should be aware of the signs, like:

  • heavy panting
  • heavy drooling
  • trouble breathing
  • dark or red gums and tongue
  • weakness
  • agitation
  • rapid hearbest
  • dizziness

If you see any signs, immediately take him to the vet.

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