6 Ways to Make Dog Less Lazy and More Active

A dog is one of the most widely taken as a pet by a lot of people for its variety of breed and shape. In the process of taking care of a dog, there must be some sort of problem that makes a dog become lazy and sleeps the entire day. The cause that makes a dog sleep constantly needs to be well-overcome. Here are a few ways to make a dog less lazy that every dog owner who has this kind of problem needs to take a look at it.

Causes that Make a Dog to Sleep Constantly

Before we know how to make a dog don’t keep on sleeping, the first thing that we should pay attention to is the causes that make this kind of condition. Some caused of a dog to sleep constantly that are need to be noted for its process to overcome it are;

  1. Depression, a dog who constantly sleeping is one of a sign of a depressed dog due to a lot of things including its environment that makes it uncomfortable. Depression is an accumulation of severe stress conditions on a dog. Here are Warning Signs That Your Dog is Depressed that you can read as a reference
  2. Hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism happens when a dog has a higher dose of thyroid hormone in its body. This health issue might cause a dog to sleep easily and lazy to have activities.
  3. Infection, Another thing that makes a dog sleep constantly is because there is an infection in their body. That condition could cause a body to fight the microorganism which infected. An infection that could cause a dog to sleep constantly such as, parvovirus, distemper, Lyme disease, and leptospirosis
  4. Diabetes is another problem that could cause a dog to sleep constantly is because the dog suffers from diabetes. One symptom of diabetes is a weak condition, tired, and have an urge to sleep again. Another cause that makes a dog to sleep constantly is because the factor of age that is pretty old.

Here are also  Reasons Why Your Dog Always feel Sleepy that might be the reason why your dog tend to sleep all day

Ways to Make a Dog not Constantly Sleeping

  1. Interaction, the first step that an owner needs to do is taking a dog to interact and play. Keeping a dog comfortable, here are Popular tips to keep your dog happy playing indoors, by keeping a dog’s comfort will help them to not be stressed and depressed which also the trigger for a dog to sleep often.
  2. Maintain its nutrition, a dog who malnutrition or excessive to nutrition turnout might trigger a dog to sleep constantly which needs to be avoided.
  3. Paying attention to the signs of trouble, an owner needs to pay attention to the signs of trouble that is happening to the dog that might cause the dog to sleep ofte
  4. Bring a dog to the vet, if you see any signs of trouble on the dog and take it to the vet to get a diagnosis is a right step to do. Here is also 20 Warning Signs That You Must Take Your Dog to The Vet; Immediate Handling
  5. Cope with the cause of a dog to sleep constantly, after the process of diagnosis then the doctor will decide what is the best way to handle the dog’s condition which constantly sleeping to be more active.

That’s all some information about a dog who constantly sleeping that is need to keep an eye on by every dog owner to make a dog more active again. 🙂