8 Ways To Bath Hamster Properly (must know!)

Are the hamsters really need to bath? What are the reasons the hamster need to bath? Yes, hamsters need to bath, for some conditions, we need to bath hamster properly. How the ways to bath your hamster properly? Let’s check these out the 8 ways to bath hamster properly (must know)

1. Your lovely hamster can bath itself

The hamster can bath itself. In the wildlife, hamster always does a bath with licking its body and rolling the body in the sand. These are the ways how to make its body clean. However, the condition of a hamster in a cage is different than in the wildlife. Some condition, hamster did not clean itself because there is chemical or liquid that is stick on its body. So, for you as the good owners of your hamster do this. Please to bath your hamster with the right ways.

2. Cut its hair

When your hamster’s hair stick with a bubble gum, what should do? First, don’t panic and prepare some equipment that you will need, such as; scissors, a clean cloth, ice cubes, and coconut oil. In this case, make it sure how much hair of your hamster stuck with bubblegum. If it is too much, to do this. Placed the ice cubes in a clean cloth and wrap it. Then rubbed it in your hamster’s hair gently. Voila, the bubble gum will easy to take it off. Or you can do this way, you can rub your hamster’s hair with coconut oil. The bubble gum will be taken out easily. However, if you want a quick way you can cut the hamster’s hair. Cut its hair with very careful and gentle. Do not hurt your little fella, okay.

3. Bath your hamster with sand

Your hamster looks not too dirty, so you can bath him in a sand. You can buy the sand in a pet store near around you. Place it in a bowl, and put your hamster in. Let your hamster bath itself. You will see how adorable he is, bathing itself with cute action. Look at him, he is rolling its body in the sand. How adorable he is, that is the reason why you should choose a hamster as your pet. However, your hamster maybe will poop in this sand. So, you must check it properly. You can strain the sand with the strainer or you can smell the sand. If there is a bad smell or poop, you should renew it.

4. Damp dusting bath

Your hamster looks so ugly, there are many specks of dust in its body. So, what should you do? Gathering all the pieces of equipment that you need; an animal shampoo (no perfume), clean cloth, a bowl, and two cups water. Pour the water in a bowl, then drops few shampoos in the water (do not too much). Take your clean cloth and give it a little water shampoo then rub it in your hamster’s hair, face and its feet. Do it with care and gently. After that, dry your lovely hamster with another dry cloth. However, when you bath your hamster, it looks like she is pregnant. But you are not sure about this. You may read some of these common symptoms that your hamster is pregnant. You will know and sure is it your hamster pregnant or not.

5. Your hamster gets nail polish

Without you realize it, while your hamster is playing at your dresser. He is falling and he gets much of nail polish in its body. You should do this quickly, do not your hamster lick its body. The nail polish has much of chemical that harmful for your hamster. If your hamster licks it, it will be stomachache and it will affect other diseases. First, gathering all that you needed to bath him. Warm water, a clean cloth, wet tissue, baby shampoo or animal shampoo, an old toothbrush, hair dryer, and a towel. Then, shower your hamster with warm water from its neck to its feet. Takes your clean cloth or toothbrush and soak in the warm water to clean its hair. You may to drop shampoo in the water, remember do not too much. Finally, rinse its hair until the shampoo gone. Dry gently its body with a dry towel, for its head and its face you can cleanse it with a wet tissue. To make your hamster perfectly, you can dry it with hairdryer with a medium level. Now, see your hamster is clean again.

6. The perfect time to bath hamster

The perfect time to bath hamster is around 9 am to 11 am. The warm weather is the perfect time to avoid your hamster from cold.  You allow bathing your hamster if he is up 5 months old. It is forbidden to bath hamster below 5 month years old because of its body still weak. If your hamster in below 5 months old, and he gets nail polish or other harmful chemicals. You may clean your hamster with zaitun oil or lemon juice. It is a safer way than bath him with water. This way can you do on a pregnant hamster. For the other tips, you may read the following tips to take care of a pregnant hamster at home.

7. Keep your eyes while bathing your hamster

While you bath your hamster with water, there are some rules that you must know. First, before you bath your hamster, you must sure about how to bath your hamster properly. If this is your first time you can ask your friend or research about this in  While you bath him, do not soak your hamster in a water. He will feel cold and he can die. Besides, just drop a little shampoo in a water. If it is too much, you will need more water and your hamster will feel cold. The last thing, do not shower your hamster from its head to its feet. The shampoo will hit his eyes. It may be harmful too for his health.

8. Cause the bad smell of hamster

What cause of the bad smell of hamster? The first reason it is from its cage. You rarely cleanse its cage. So, your hamster smell is bad. The bad smell from its bedding may stick on its body. This is the first reason your hamster has a bad smell. Then, it comes from the food. Unhealthy food that you give to your hamster may get a bad smell. A food that contains too much water, this food cannot be dissolved by the hamster’s body. The hamster will take out much of urine and it gives a bad smell. So, do the cleanse of the hamster cage. You can see the steps in how to clean your hamster cage easily. It does not take much of your time.

Hopefully, the 8 ways to bathe the hamster properly (must know) above can be the benefit for all the hamster lover all over the world. Notice this before you bath them, make sure how is the level of dirty in your hamster’s body. If there is a low dirty level, let your hamster cleanse itself. Do not do bath hamster too often. Hamster is no need to bath much. They are will be okay without bathing.