5 Ways to Reduce Bad Smell of Duck Area

The bad smell of duck area is a serious case in a duck farming. It is often for a duck farming to get a warning from the citizens around the farming area, because of the bad smells of duck area. For the coop that is far away from the citizen’s area, it is not a problem. But, this is absolutely a problem for the breeder in the area of many citizens, because it is annoying. Bad smell of duck area is a thing to notice. 7 Steps to Eliminate Bad Odor in Your Poultry is a good source for you to know about the ways to reduce bad smell of duck area.

The smell basically is a release of substance or gas from many reaction that is received by the smell sensory. The substance or gas that has a good smell will be received by brain as a good smell, while the bad smell as a bad one. The smell is a recap from the food ingredient that has been eaten by bacteria. In a farm, the smell source commonly comes from the feces of the duck, the leftovers, and the duck’s sweat. So, is there any way to reduce it?

The rotten smell from the coop basically not only bother the environment only. The ducks in the coop also can be bothered by the smell there. The breathing problem, such as snore, flu, and other diseases is caused by the smell from the coop. The simple way to rate whether it is smelly or not is by measuring how long can you stay comfortable when you are around the coop. if you are not bothered by any smell and can stay comfortable to be around the coop, that means the ducks will be comfortable too.

One certain thing is that we cannot 100% remove the odor in the coop. Why? As explained above, it is because the smell is a recap of the food ingredient by the bacteria, while the bacteria exists everywhere and every time. On the duck’s new feces, existed the bacteria that recap the feces, so that it cause the smell.

To reduce the smell in a coop, that means we have to notice many factors, such as food, disease, coop, air circulation, and the population density. The above factors will affect or add more smell, so that we need to notice it. 7 Guide For Beginners To Start Broiler Farming is one of the important source if you want to reduce the bad smell of duck area.

Here are causes of bad smells of duck area.

A. Feed

The duck’s feed contain a mycotoxins fungus, cause the damage to the digestive system, so that the feces will form a brown liquid feces (wet dropping). It is the same as the feed that is not digested perfectly because of the lack of feed digestive enzyme, because it will cause more smell than the perfectly digested feed, because of the high nutrition in the feces. The use of antibiotic in a feed is responsible to make the feces more wet, so that the smell will be stronger. The feed that has too muck salt, and the mineral such as natrium, magnesium, potassium and chlorine will cause the ducks to consume more water, and it cause the feces more wet. 10 Common Causes of Cattle Losing Appetite is a solution if your duck start to lose the appetite.

B. Disease

The disease that attacks duck, especially the digestive system infection caused by virus, bacteria, and protozoa, will cause the irritation so that the ducks will get diarrhea, and the feces is more smelly. The disease factor, especially the digestive infection of the duck is one of the common cause of the bad smell, and should be noticed so that it won’t cause the bad smell anymore. 6 Common Reasons Your Dog Smells Really Bad can help you to know more about how to get rid of the bad smell cause of disease.

C. Coop

The wet typed coop will be more smelly than the dry type coop, because the pathogen bacteria that cause the smell likes the wet place for its living place, and relatively can not stand the hot temperature. The dry type coop means there is no pond around the coop, and the drink container is put outside the fence of the coop. We can also put the food/ drink container inside the coop, as long as we make the gutter below the containers, so that the leftovers will drop on the gutter. The How to Keep Chicken Coop Smells Fresh make you know more about the importance of a clean coop.

D. Air circulation

The good air circulation will decrease the smell because of the smelly gas will be neutralized or released on the air. For the close house typed coop, you can provide the exhaust fan, while for the open coop, you can try to make a higher coop than the surrounding location, buy the fan, and make the coop’s wall more open.

E. Population density

The more population density in a coop means that there is more feces produced by the ducks, and a higher possibility of stress, so that the feces will be wet. The ideal population of the egg producing duck is 3-4 duck/ meter, and the duck for consumption is 8-10/ meter. Even though we have done all the factors above, we still cannot control the whole smell . Why? It is because the ducks produce feces every day, and of course it is smelly.

To minimize the smell in the coop, here are some tips about how to reduce the bad smells of duck area.

1. Give the probiotics

The strong odor in the duck’s feces contain the good bacteria that will make the digestive system better, so that there is less nutrition that comes out from the ducks. At least the nutrition in the feces will make it less smelly. The probiotics that is sprayed on the duck’s feces will also absorb the nutrition left, so that the feces won’t be smelly.

2. Give the turmeric

It is the same as the probiotics, the turmeric give around 2% in the feed can fix the metabolism in the duck’s body. The turmeric sent can also help to disguise the bad smell of the duck’s feces.

3. Give the baking soda

We can give the baking soda in the duck’s feed, because it reduces the bad smell of the ducks’ feces. The baking soda is acidic and absorb the wet. The acid on the baking soda can stop the microbes such as bacteria, so that it will stop the bad smell process. The baking soda that absorb the wet can make the duck’s feces drier.

4. Give the liquid fog

The liquid fog is a fog from the burning process, and flowed through the tool called pyrolysis. The  liquid fog is anti fungus, anti bacteria, and antioxidant, so that it can be used to reduce the bad smell in the coop.

5. Give the petroleum

The petroleum spray on the duck’s coop will also reduce the bad smell of duck area. The petroleum is a toxic for the insecticide and bacteria, so that it will be used to reduce the bad smell of duck area.

That is all for the 5 ways to reduce bad smell of duck area. Remember to keep the area clean, and make the environment healthy. I hope this article will help you to solve the bad smell of duck area.