5 Best Ways to Remove Maggot from Kitten with Home Remedies

Have you ever found maggot in your kitten body? How lucky you if you are not found it. For you who find maggot in your kitten body, you don’t need to worry because in this chance we will share to you 5 best ways to remove maggot from kitten with home remedies. Surely all methods below based on ingredients which easy find in your home. So let’s check out.

Maggot is an animal which usually contribute as decoder bacteria. It is really easy to find in trash basket or garbage dump. Also, maggot smells so bad and also disgusted. For kitten which is still a lot of weakness, maggot attacked them so easily. Kitten are usually haven’t built up its immune because some vaccine or vitamin mostly is not allowed to give for kitten. Moreover, the birth place of kitten which is bad place also make it worst. That’s triggered some diseases and infection to come to them. It is so important for all owners to keep clean the kitten birth place especially after the kitten was born.

Sometimes, maggot comes in open wound which lately repairing and started to infection. A case shows that the kitten ass which is un-repairing bleeding triggered some maggot to come in. The maggot eats its nutrition that makes it weak day by day. Not only in its ass eye is also as favorite part for maggot even it isn’t bleed. So the weakness in your kitten can be a simple sign that should be caution you.

So how can you treat your kitten to remove the maggot? Here is the way:

  • Warm water

Using warm water is the safest way to remove maggot for kitten. As we know that kitten is really sensitive and need some special treatments to care them. Something which is can you gave to cat is sometime rejected by kitten. Cat maybe resist when you give it antiseptic, but it is not sure for kitten, they maybe hate it or inflammation directly. To avoid that, you can give warm water as your way to remove maggot. To remove the maggot you can dipping a small towel in to warm water and swipe it over maggot area. Don’t forget to use latex glove to protect you from maggot transmitting after you swiped it. Besides, you can bathing your kitten with warm water during the repairing treatment to make sure that the maggot removed perfectly.

  • Salt water

Well this method may hurt your kitten a lot. You can imagine how hurts when your wound is swipe with salt. It is really hard. But actually salt can remove maggot directly. Different with warm water which just removed it, but salt kills them. You can make emulsion mixed by salt and water. A table spoon of salt can be mixed with one liter water. Swipe the salt water like you bath them. Be careful when the maggot in eyes area. You can dipping a towel to the salt water and swipe it softly. The salt water that entered to their eyes will harm the kitten. You must do it carefully.

  • Olive oil

Besides salt water or warm water, olive oil can be your alternative way to remove maggot. Besides the way is so easy, this way is also safety and effectively to remove the maggot. You can drop it in tissue or cotton and then swipe it in maggot area. It may be hard to apply it. You can combine it with methods above.

  • Coconut oil

Some people skip this way because it is hard to find the coconut oil besides the price is expensive. Coconut oil known as scabies remover, but did you know that this oil can be used as maggot remover? If you feel it hard to find or feel little bit pricey, you can make it by yourself in home. Process the coconut until produced milk coconut. After that boiled the milk coconut become oil. This is will takes a lot of time so be patient and keep stir it during the process. Then swipe the coconut oil to the maggot area. As mentioned before that maggot area is usually open wound. By this method, not just remove the maggot but it also heals the wound.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar helps you to remove maggot from your kitten. Basically all vinegar can remove it but it is okay if you use original. To control the smell you can mix it with water and using towel or cotton, swipe it into the maggot area. Be careful when the maggot area is in the face because your kitten maybe so sensitive with the smell.

Prevent steps

As preventive step, you can follow some methods below:

  • Solve the main problem

Maggot doesn’t come without any reason. There are some big triggers that make them come. Flies breed mainly in rotting meat and fish. This means that if you want to prevent maggot for hatching, don’t throw the remaining meat or fish into the trash. Wrap the remaining meat or fish before you throw it away. Wrap bones, fish scales, fat, and even meat using a paper towel tightly before putting it in the trash. Also you can use plastic bag to wrap it one by one. This wrapping step avoids the remaining meat or fish from maggot.

  • Insert some camphor

It is unusual when you insert some camphor to your trash. Well this method is effectively avoids your trash basket from maggot. Just place it in the bottom of your trash basket.

  • Clean up your trash basket

Keep cleaning of your trash is important thing that you should be remind to avoid you from maggot. To make it more effective, use the cajuput oil to help you avoid the maggot. Don’t forget to clean it regularly.

  • Keep your trash dry

Maggot like wet place so it is automatically for you to don’t give them wet dry space. Make sure that your trash bag is not hollow. If you needed, place some silica gel pocket in the bottom of your trash. Silica is naturally absorber so it can absorb the wet effectively.

  • Throw the expired meat

Remind that maggot hatching is really fast in the meat, you better throw your meat especially if it is already expired.

  • Close your trash basket

To avoid flies comes to your trash and place their larva, you better close your trash basket. Beside it is not triggered flies to come in, it helps you to control the smell of the trash.

  • Move the falling rotten fruit in your garden

Falling rotten fruit can also triggered the maggot. Throw it away as soon as possible.

  • Don’t place your pet food outside home

It is not only for the food but you better place your pet inside your home. The situation outside of home can transmit maggot naturally. During the time, air, water, or even weather can trigger maggot to come. It is absolutely danger when there are some maggot and it eaten by your pet