6 Common Type of Cat Litter That Every Cat Owner Should Know

Some cat lovers may have problem with cat poop and pee. The smell is really disturbed when it isn’t clean up as soon as possible. If it was your problem, you must be so happy when you read the tittle. Cat litter should be your best solution if you want to pet a cat but don’t get deal with the dirty smell. It also helps you to keep your environment beside to add some fragrance inside your home. Even the smell also helps the cat to sign its toilet spot, the smell will ruin your day if you let it spread out. To control it, you absolutely need cat litter. Here are 6 common type of cat litter that every cat owner should know.

Cat litter is sand which the function is as smell and wet absorber of your cat toilet. This sand has many types based on your cat necessary. It also categorized to some types based on the particle size and ingredients of. You don’t need to confuse cause in the end we will give to you some tips to choose best litter cat. Here the explanation:

  • Bentonite

This cat litter is made of clay. High absorb and solidifying benefit makes bentonite used as cat litter. This litter will solid your cat poop and pee and make you easy to throw it out. This is usually smelled naturally. It was like fruit and flower smell. Even the ability of this litter is high but this is really wasteful. It is disposable product which is means that when it touched with poop and pee, you must throw it out. It can’t be clean and reuse anymore. Besides it, bentonite will trigger some problems for your cat. High absorbing from bentonite can stick to your cat feet. It is really danger when your cat lack its feet and eat the bentonite. This bentonite will sedimentation inside your cat body and can’t be process to outing by its feces. It will make your cat diarrhea. This sand can only looked by x-ray. Some vet will say it general diarrhea but when you look it over x-ray, you will see the sedimentation of the sand. Besides, bentonite is really easy to fly. It is really positive and negative benefit at the same time.

  • Zeolit

As the name, this sand is made of zeolit which broke into pieces. This zeolit categorized as 3 types, soft, medium, and hard. This litter is saving your money because it can reuse. The price is cheap where it can be half of bentonite price. But zeolit can’t absorb the pee as well as bentonite.

  • Silica gel

This type of cat litter is popular especially for busy cat lovers which doesn’t have free time to care their cat. It can absorb the liquid moreover 40 times bigger than its weight. Beside it can be absorbs the liquid, the smell is not spread out anywhere. This litter is more efficient, clean, beautiful shape, and not dusty. But, this silica gel can endanger your cat. Your cat will eat the silica accidentally or un-accidentally. The particle is bigger than other litter. Silica gel made of synthetic sodium silicate. By research in 1997, silica gel will trigger cancer when it eaten. Also, this litter is pricey but not as expensive as bentonite.

  • Vegan

Vegan litter made of natural ingredients. Usually, this is made of grain, corn, walnut, and paper. There is mixed from 2 natural ingredients like pine and active carbon. This litter is dust-free which is mean that it safe for your cat and cheap price.

  • Black sands

From texture and ability, black sand is similar with bentonite. It is high absorb and solidifying the poop. But the black sand mostly tick up in cat foot. It also getting worst when pee and black sand mixed up and ticked in cat fur. Your cat will look like dirt.

  • Pine wood

This litter is the unique one. It will expand to sign you the work system. After your cat pee in this litter, pine wood will absorb it and change bigger than before. This also makes you like it because this litter is not dusty. This litter is almost not smell even before or after using. That means this litter can locked the smell bot of pee and poop. Unfortunately it is not reusable thing which is mean you have to throw it out after use it.

How to choose best cat litter?

  • Know the absorbing ability

The absorbing ability of cat litter is the important thing that should you know before choose it moreover for you who still beginners. The smell of cat pee and poop is really disturbed. Nowadays many cat litters which helps you to reduce the smell. But how about the absorb ability? How it can absorb it quickly? You better looking information about it before you choose it. Besides it, you better look for cat litter which doesn’t need to replace it too much time. Especially for you who don’t need free time to replace your cat litter for many times, you need to keep your eye on this point.

  • Easy for use

The unsolidifying cat litter is really hard to use. This not efficient way will takes your time to clean up it. For this issue, you really need for high absorbing cat litter which is quick process to solid the dirt. But if you already buy the low process cat litter, you don’t need to worry because it can be fixed. Wait for a minute after your cat poop. It will give the cat litter to absorb the poop meanwhile the process is little bit long time. After it solidifying perfectly, you can lift the poop and throw it. If you lift it too fast, the poop will not solid. If you already done as mentioned before but the poop is not getting solid after you wait it that proves that your cat litter is bad quality. Beside it, you need to look for litter cat which is easy to clean up when the product is reuse thing.

  • Choose the economical one for daily use

Price and cost performance is important thing to considering. Choose the low cost cat litter with high quality is the main key. For daily using, it will take your money a lot when you choose the pricey one. The high absorbing litter cat will ruin your outcome. You can control the number that you give for your cat if you already buy the pricey one. It doesn’t mean you can’t use the low price one. You have to still selective when you use the low price cat litter. You also settle it with your cat. There are some litters which is not using by kitten. For example, it is not nice choice when you use bentonite as kitten litter. This litter is really danger for cat, how about for kitten? The endanger opportunity will increase, right? Beside it, you have to settle the litter with your cat condition moreover if your cat is in recovery process.